Hello, everyone!

Browse through my blog a little and you’ll find that I’ve covered previous Valentine’s day-themed looks, the oldest one going back to 2018 (Serene, what the hell were you thinking, posing in front of the sun with no flash?!) and then I wrote one up two years ago, when the impact of singles awareness month — as my sis calls it — showed in my facial expressions. Good lord. I’m okay right now, but 2021 was painful, and not just because of the pandemic at the time.

But after vowing to redirect this blog in a more serious direction, that’s exactly what I did. Today, I’ll show you a very exciting photoshoot that me and my friend have just completed in time for Valentine’s; then, I will show you some wickedly awesome places to take Valentine’s themed photoshoots if you’re in the hustling California Bay Area!

A twist on my photos: tinting them pink in time for the special theme.
The ferries come often.

I’m wearing:

Peony wrap dress — Banana Republic

Blazer — Free People

Heels — Steve Marten

Handbag — Patricia Nash

Earrings — Madewell

Some More Ideas for Valentine’s Day Looks

Two piece outfit

  • blouse + frilly skirt
  • blouse + white pants

Locations for Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

Cupid’s Span

Source: Flickr

This bow and arrow monument next to the famous SF piers is the first place I thought of visiting when my friend and I were looking for photoshoot ideas.

Alternative: A landmark with similar themes in your area (heart, roses etc).

Union Square Heart

Source: Flickr

A monument in the heart of SF (oop, pun), I’ve had family pictures taken there since I was little. The heart monument stands throughout all seasons against the backdrop of the majestic skyscrapers.

Alternative: There are murals and flower backdrops that are now popping up inside malls for this upcoming occasion.

Land’s End

Courtesy of: Dana Veeder @415urbanadventures

This one is on the far west side of San Francisco. Worth it if you are willing to go the extra mile!

Alternative: Any public handcrafted landmark. Can’t find one? Make your own by the beach yourself! Grab some shells and rose petals, form them into a heart shape on the wet sand, and take a picture next to it before the next tidal wave hits!

Broadway Plaza Center

This is not from San Francisco but from Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza outdoor mall. This is from a photodump from last year’s Valentine’s Day shoot. Broadway is such a cozy nook to take pictures at.

Alternative: Any fountains or little town with a cozy cafe and a lot of hung or potted flowers for background decor.

If I find other locations I will feature them in my blog post next year. I’m planning to visit SF more often and hopefully document my trips — SF is famous, replete with countless landmarks. Ripe ground for my blogging adventures!

Until then, happy Valentine’s Day and I hope my outfit has given you some ideas!