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So if you’re anything like me, you peek at some of the seasonal trends during each Fashion Week’s. 2023 is no exception, and for the first time on this blog, I’ll tell you how some of my favorite trends that I’ve spotted around my local shops, in my daily style feed, and on the runway.

This is not an indication of what should wear or shouldn’t wear. If I learned anything over my daily Feedspot notifications over the past year, it’s that fashion styles can be completely subjective. In fact, I imagine some of them may not be appealing to you! (Isn’t that why they’re called trends?) But if you follow my site, you probably know that I tend to stick to certain formulas that tend to follow this blog’s, as well as my own, aesthetic — and that you probably expect the same out of yourself. So today I’ll let you know not only what I like but why I like the pieces that have stood through the test of time and graced the streets — and the window displays.

Ballet Flats

These will always be a classic! They give me very Audrey Heburn vibes, and they make me feel more adorable in my petite size of 5’2” when I’m not strutting around in block heels. I own a couple of flats from Talbots, but I’m currently eyeing the more versatile ones like from Cole Haan because the edges are softer and wrap around your feet more snugly.


Finally, I’ve been waiting for this trend to show up — I’m obsessed with sparkly clothes! I’m glad it wasn’t just me when I noticed all the glitz packing into H&M and Zara. I currently own a sparkling blazer which I use for clubbing. However, I recommend pairing it with a pair of sparkly pants from Nordstrom.

I also recommend a strapless dress like this one. Think it looks too much like a 20s flapper? Not so fast! I’ve seen a acquaintance wear it at a party, and she looked gorgeous in it with her wavy hair down and free and a slab of red lipstick on! I’m not sure it it’s because she’s French and she gets the whole effortless look right, but “flapper” was the last thing on my mind!

Speaking of sparkles, if you apply makeup, then consider pairing your sparkly clothes with sparkly eyeshadows — especially with the pastel colors that are coming onto the scene. More on that in a minute.


Although these have always been classic staples, the reason these are given special attention this winter is because they’re great layering pieces for warmth. They’re also great for pairing with a variety of jeans that have popped up over the last two decades.

Three of the most familiar blazers coming back into style are peplum, oversized, and hourglass. I’m of the opinion that body types are not interchangeable like blazer styles, but if you like the oversized look once in a while for a quirkier look (like I do), when give it a whirl!

Speaking of blazers, this leads me into the next reason why I think blazers are getting the spotlight…

Menswear Style

Source: Shutterstock

Remember when I said that layering is the trademark of blazer styles? Well, if you look at men’s fashion, you’ll find that layering is also the key some of the most gorgeous menswear looks today. I’m currently noticing some woolen vests in store which you can either pair with Aritzia wide leg trousers (my favorite store for buying trousers) or style skinny sloans à la men’s formalwear with your tailored blazer.

Mary Jeans

DId you know? Mary Janes can come in several colors AND in several lengths, from stiletto to block heel to flat! I didn’t know that! Either way, I’m currently looking at some black ones from ASOS and Rouje — just the classic black, since I like to keep the color original.

Just recently I bought some Mary Jane heels that have black toe ends — they make my feet look smaller, and that works for me given that I often incorporate my look with the petite-friendly kawaii style!

Maxi Floor Length Coats

These are some good candidates from winter coming right into spring. Some of these options come at a pretty hefty price though, so any alternatives I recommend getting at Nordstrom, my go-to place with good quality textiles for fair prices.

Color Trends

Moving on, I’ve spotted from inspiration color schemes that have immediately cooked up some ideas…especially around Valentine’s day week! Perfect timing, then, that Barbie-doll pink is currently trending.

I’ve created a color palette to represent a compilation of trending colors.

Barbiecore, floral green (for upcoming spring?), and metallics as finishing touches for accessorizing with earrings and necklaces.

Icy pastels are also hot on trend, so I’m going to add those. In fact, I have an icy single-palette eyeshadow that you’ll see me wear over the month!

My Lucid Urban Decay teal-colored single-palette shadow paired with a soft gray. It reminds me a lot of Agnetha Faeltskog’s makeup back in her ABBA heydays.
Pastels + sparkles, anyone?

I really like a picture @ivanagibson suited up for what I think is either winter or spring.

Although if I were going more for a Valentine’s day theme or even a spring look, I’d trade up the pants for some green trousers.

Alternatively if it’s too cold for you in your area I’d suggest the following look, something with a knitted turtleneck and heavy blazer:

Final thoughts

These are just my thoughts on some of my favorite trend highlights. They’re not exactly “new”, but they’re very recognizable, and I’m glad some chic is making a wave to the States! What do you think about them? Let me know in the comments section below!