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What is So Tres Chic? 

So Tres Chic is a style blog where I post tips and looks based on timeless and eye-catching pieces that never go out of style. In a world that relies on rapid-fire trendsetting and fast fashion, I believe in sticking with the permatrends that are ELEVATED and COMFORTABLE.

How did it start?

I found Yesstyle and fell in love because it fit my style template perfectly. It features elevated, feminine designs that you won’t easily find in the Western world. 

Why is your channel called, “So Tres Chic”?

The other platform names I had in mind were either taken or cost thousands to buy. As I sat wringing my hands, out of ideas for a short and sweet domain name, the song, “So Tres Chic” by Mocean Worker warbled to the surface of my mind. Thanks, The Devil Wears Prada?

Why are you called “Serene Dappidy”?

It’s a play on “serendipity” and “dapper.” 

Describe your style in the 3 word method?

Elevated, chic, tailored. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Research clothing styles.  

Mix and match clothes for my next article.

Drink nonalcoholic sangria with my best friend in front of the local grocery shack where we pretend we’re big shots. 

What is your favorite place to buy clothing?

Yesstyle, but I don’t have one “specific” store where I buy everything. I shop on Amazon, at Aritzia, thrift stores…maybe even Saks Fifth Avenue if the budget allows. 

How would you describe your style?

Any timeless look that offshoots into the following four sections:

Classic. These are built up from the basics and embellished with eye-catching prints and patterns for a timeless, balanced look. 

French. This is the minimalist “casual-chic” look that makes you look like you haven’t been trying too hard. This look inspired me to keep my makeup just the way I like it: minimalistic. 

AndrogynousMythology decrees that the androgynes once ruled the world with bodies connected together. The gods separated them because of their powers. Androgyny is, essentially, the beauty of two genders merged into one look. Consider it like a tomboy look but all dressed up. 

Japanese. It isn’t just a conglomeration of kawaii-girl aesthetics. It’s actually a unique mix of uber-feminine and formal — a little reminiscent  of timeless Western-style elegance. 

What do you think of trends?

I keep track of them but I don’t often immerse myself into them. 

Three fun facts about yourself?

  • I speak Russian and a little French.
  • I can tap dance. 
  • Lindsey Stirling and Diane Keaton have complimented me on my style.

That’s all for now!

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