Now is the last of the fall season, right before the trees shed their vibrant leaves. It’s already December, but as usual, California hasn’t caught on just yet!

For this look, I donned a plaid blazer as my hero piece since I’ve been seeing a lot of plaid patterns being put on display for the coming winter.

You might recognize the pattern in other coat styles as well too. Plaid shawls, long plaid coats, plaid cardigans…these are never going out of style!

Take a look at what I wore for the Bay Area weather, and then take a look at what other timeless coats are trending around stores this December. Plaid not exclusive.

It’s my mother’s handbag. Do you like it?

Can you tell? I’m trying so hard to look professional!

I’m wearing:

Tie-neck blouse — Yesstyle

Blazer — Amazon

Skinny jean’s — Levi’s

Mary Jane Shoes — thrifted

Handbag — Patricia Nash

If the current photo quality looks different from my last blog, that’s because these are from a photoshoot I did with my semi-professional Nikon DX-3200. I practiced with a fellow photographer friend by taking pictures of each other as respective muses.

Each time I find an opportunity to practice with the camera, my love for photography further grows. I hope I find more opportunities like this to show you better quality photos, and not exclusively in portrait photography!

I Picked You Some More Classic Winter Coats

I listed a number of coats styles in my last blog post that I’ve seen circulating around, but I decided to hone in on more timeless coat recommendations since this time I’ve based them on this season’s trends — all while knowing that they are so timeless they can last for seasons to come.

Evening Blazer Jacket

I love the style of a long blazer — it’s suitable for the office wear while it keeps you warm and looking prestigious. I’ve seen some similar ones on Shein — except please, don’t actually buy it at Shein, since its reputation is rather debatable. Long story short, try something more sustainable. I’m currently looking at both camels and plaid wool coats since those never go out of trend.

Fur Jacket

There’s something particularly bougee about fur jackets. Not the sherpa ones, but faux furs that look like the real deal. A lot of celebrities have inspired me over the years with their coats. Only difference is, we’ll just have to improvise with cheaper lookalikes!

Long Fur Collar Coat

I tried one on the other day at Zara. I’m petite so it’s not the best fit for my frame, but if you’re taller, you might find something warm that’s worth the cost.

Here’s a sizing reference: I’m 5’2”. This is a size small — and yet, it still looks oversized on me!

Final Thoughts

These are just a couple of ideas. If you’re in California, one plaid blazer isn’t going to cut it (That day was unusually warm). That’s why I always emphasize one method in my winter layout: layers, layers, layers!

In my last blog post I created a hypothetical scenario on how I would layer my clothes. Right below is a realistic portrayal of how actually I layer up for work based on my closet.

So for this look I don a long sleeve blouse, followed by a vest, a blazer, and then a Zara camel coat. My work requires all black, but I wear the Zara outercoat while I’m headed to work.

Do you like any of these winter coats? Let me know in the comments section below!