How do you imagine style in Stanford University, one of the most famous schools on the west coast? Well, the school newspaper best describes it as “generally basic and laid back” — a given in the general university scene. Beyond that, I haven’t found any hard and fast rule on what “Stanford style” looks like. So today I put my own spin on what I imagine a great representation of prestigious campus style would look like: by taking it all the way back to elite campus roots as far back as in the 1920s.

And what a beautiful campus this is.

Relaxing after a long trip to Palo Alto.
Oh hey look it’s a river!
Infinite lines.
Hoover Tower.
I think Camille Paglia would pull fun poses like such for her marketing stunts.
Stanford Memorial Church.

I’m wearing:

Blouse — Maison Jules

Tie — Thrifted

Cardigan — Celeste

Blazer — Amazon

Trousers — Yesstyle

Heels — Yesstyle

Messenger bag — Amazon

Scarf — Eddie Bauer

This look is absolutely not exclusive to the campus look — after all, pantsuits and a tie were universal to men for at least a century back. But hey, the plaid and oxfords are a great throwback to the beginning of a campus aesthetic.

Formula attire for men: the formula

Here are the essentials of the formal menswear style which fits both men and women:

Bottom layer: a cotton button up.

Middle layer: cardigan or vest

Top layer: blazer, plaid or solid palettes (beige or navy)

Outer layer: trench coat, wrap coats and topcoats

Pants: trousers, skinny or pleated

Shoes: loafers, brogues, or oxfords

Accessories: A plaid scarf, quality watch, a pair of shades, leather dress gloves, or leather belts with a clamp closure.

All the ways to style the scarf…

I love these pictures! It proves that men’s style can show some diversity of style and a rugged handsomeness, and that when looking for chic style, we girls can take a leaf out of formal menswear.

That’s not to say I also didn’t incorporate some familiar feminine elements for an individual look. The oxfords came with heels, sported noticeable makeup, the blazer is tailored and slim instead of oversized, and I curled my hair back for an androgynous refinement that I think befits both genders. It’s all about balance.

And you? Do you like experimenting with menswear? Let me know in the comments!