Hello, loves.

Perhaps you’ve seen a trend on this blog: I love wearing formal pieces, most notably blazers, in places outside the workplace environment. Granted, I don’t try to pull the entire “office lady” thing and clonk around in high heels and a pencil skirt. I always try to be more “casual chic” than that. And sometimes, that means erring on the side of caution when pairing flashy colors with something formal.

So what do you do when you decide to wear a Valentine’s day-inspired look and you still want to retain your chic style without making the colors clash?

Well, I didn’t have to compromise, it looks like.

For starters, pair pink with black.

Rather: pink, black and white. Two classic hues, one pop of color. I think it’s a good balance.

All that, combined with my softly-curled locks and bag to match with the blazer. I think, after closet-hunting for a good half-hour, I did an alright job today! AND I’m fiercely proud that I got my lipstick hue to match with my vest for Valentine’s day!

Paris? Wine? I don’t know what in the sweet hell this store is about but whatever it is, SIGN ME UP!!
Waiting for your date to come, ain’t ya?! Yes: myself. And I’ve already arrived, thank you very much.
What a hunk.
Finally, urban street style: something I didn’t know I was missing until now.
I found a cute alleyway. I’ll just pretend it’s in France or something.
Strike a pose like you’re the Karen that’s about to kick an unsuspecting customer out of Barnes n’ Noble for “reading too much” (okay okay, I’m projecting…).
I liked someone for their beady eyes…before realizing that I have the display the same ones in like HALF THE GODFORSAKEN PHOTOS that I pose in. What a narcissist. But, such is the inconvenient truth.

I’m wearing:

Blouse — Yesstyle

Blazer — JC Penney

Pants — Nordstrom Rack

Shoes — Lulu’s

With the white frills to match with the white pants, at first I was afraid of looking like a cheap knockoff of a musketeer. Figures. So I ditched the black knee-highs today (musketeer/horseback-riding vibes) and went for my petit ankle booties. Cute Now since I’m obsessed with tie-neck blouses, I thought I’d pair it with a classic black blazer to combine a unique look. I try to combine cute and chic; remember? After all, that’s the name of my blog.

White pants are really cool with white blouses; but then again, they have to be paired carefully, else you’ll look too “sanitized” or something.

Also now that I have golden locks falling down to practically my shoulders, I’ve been starting to curl them more often (when I’m not tap-dancing). On my second day they have this casual, wavy texture that makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe in a beachy photoshoot. It also volumizes my hair and gives it some texture. I don’t understand why I haven’t been curling my hair more often!

So, on that tangent, maybe the question nobody’s been wondering: did you do anything for Valentine’s?

Answer: I went to Panda Express and bought my sis some orange chicken after she told me she was hungry for some. I’m not a virtue signaler. It’s just something that occurred to me since I still have her around and not a significant other to dedicate my attention towards.

And that’s perfectly fine with me.

Let’s get some spontaneous orange chicken and take a long-overdue photoshoot on the way.