Hi, fashion-thusiasts:

I’m back with more mojo…and a better camera.

The title checks out.

Gotta get in that effortless vibe…

Mon Dieu, how are there so many Italian restaurants in this area?


I’m wearing:

Turtleneck — Henri Bendel

Pants — Nordstrom Rack

Blazer — Amazon

Loafers — Yesstyle


So remember when I said I was feeling European? I researched European style in my lesiure time, but let me pinpoint the style tips I’m putting into practice outside of your average Wikihow article:

  • Wearing neutral colors (the white, beige, gray and brown contrasts) with a pop of color (red lipstick, a classic example).
  • Wearing timeless staples. Blazer and loafers? Check.
  • Wearing minimal makeup. In fact, today I’m only wearing some eyebrow liner and lipstick. Actually, it came in good timing, because I have an small infection under one of my eyes and so I can’t risk wearing any eyeliner or eyeshadow.
  • Wearing something fitted. My blazer is the best representation of that since it was tailored to fit my precise size. Oh, sure, it cost an arm and a leg, but was it worth it? Totally.
  • Being fashionable on a budget? Check. So me. I try to avoid expensive brands.
  • Having a chic bag on hand. Well……………….I’d pause on the “chic” part. Mine might look chic or whatever at first sight, but that motley thing was busy fading away in my stowaway stash, I’m afraid. I need to get a new bag…and not one of those expensive things from Macy’s that women here are always lusting over.

As you might know, I am a fan of classical, timeless style pieces, which is pretty much a must in Europe. Maybe I’d fit right in with the locals there. I don’t know. That’s my hope. I want to master the European style. First impressions are pretty important, especially if you’re an American tourist. I’d know — I got a lot of smiles and compliments thrown my way today as I was doing my photoshoot, even though I’m not in Europe yet. Hah!