Hi guys:

So finally I found a opportunity to put on that one weird unworn tie that’s been lying in my closet for a couple of years.

My friend, The Lone Lantern in the Middle of the Woods.

Private property is an illusion.

It’s a broken ledge. So QuIrKy rite ??

This was me, channeling The Caretaker vibes (if you don’t know of him, consider yourself lucky), before I got out into the wind for the rest of the photoshoot which loosened up my hair considerably.


I’m wearing:

Blouse — Yesstyle

Skinny jeans — Old Navy

Sweater — BDG

Ankle booties — Lulu’s

Today was something more spontaneous. I concentrated less on the setting. I concentrated less on the organization. And lastly I didn’t think into it too much as I’m long due to post something here, and I got something else due this week and I’m tight on deadline.

What a tender hobby fashion photoshooting has become over the years. I learned to love it, but I could only learn to love it more by knowing my limits. In other words: take a picture of your latest idea, but don’t force it. Take spontaneous photo when the calling is there, but think about whether you’d wear this outfit again.

And I am oddly satisfied with my tie look today, considering that I didn’t have any idea what to pair it with, the whimsical trinket that it is.

Update: sometimes I go back to my previous posts and ewwww I don’t why I’ve posted some of them — they’re so tacky. That’s one good reason I’m happy to get my iphone 11 soon, so it can take better-quality photos AND in less time than with my Nikon camera.