Hey, guys!

Today I am posting another inspo-look, and guess what?

My friend is collaborating with me today!

Long story short: Cheyenne and I met recently at a club gathering, and not only do we have a lot of common views but we live close to each other and we both love taking photoshoots of clothes and fancy-wear.

Well…heheh…to be more specific, Cheyenne was always more of a hipster-chic fan than I ever was. Which is why today was a good opportunity for me to match with Cheyenne and look for something 70s inspired to add my own Jeanne Damas-inspired, casual chic twist to it.

The one with me on my haunches.
The one with Cheyenne
The one where I flex my high heeled chonkies.
The one where she flexes HER chonky heels. I’m told they are authentic to the 70s era, if you ever wondered about hippies’ shoe preferences.
The one where I hold a California poppy and say thank you for representing our state flower. #Poppiesforpresident2024
The one where Chey adorns herself like a real flower child.
The one where I pose in many ways with poppies and put one in my mouth and UGH such bitter unhygienic stuff! Especially as they’re right by the road, when you think about it.
Hi there.


I’m wearing:

Plaid blouse — Sears

Flare jeans — Free People

Heels — Qupid

Trench coat — Banana Republic

It’s a nice trench, gotta admit. I’m also proud of the pairing I did with the high heels and the flare jeans. In the future I want to don a similar look, except it’s going to be a classic nude-colored trench with bootcut jeans and white gogo booties.

And in case Cheyenne’s pics didn’t steal the spotlight yet, I hope to I have another chance to photoshoot with her. Because trust me, honey, we sure got more photoshoot plans for this summer!

So I don’t know if this counts as a mini-collab, but it’s pretty cute when you can do one with your friend and have fun with it! First we scaled the poppy-covered hills wherever we found them (which was hard because they were on a small land strip in the middle of the road) and because the poppies weren’t as much in bloom that day. We still made the best of what we got, though.

After that we went to the local little village, got tea and food, and walked around and took some more pictures. Honestly, by the end of summer, I’m sure this will make better memories than last summer, when I stayed in and played MC with my sister’s friends to stave off the boredom and nihilism of Covid.

But Minecraft was nostalgic, too, ngl.


Cheyenne is wearing:

Blouse — Target

Jeans — American Eagle

Shoes — Target

You know that my girl here channels the 70s hard when her closet is mostly bootcut jeans — one of my favorite jean styles. Like, can we talk about jean types for a second, here? I love how they especially emphasize any high heeled boots that you wear. I want bootcut, myself…but I’m just so picky about the type (not too long, not too short, just be frayed, have multiple buttons, a certain colors etc) that it might be another while till I find something right for me.

Eh, to hell. I’ll go to Paris and see what I can find, then.

But yeah, at the risk of going on a tandem, if you like Cheyenne’s style, be sure to check out her Instagram where she also composes music inspired from a mix of 70s rock, bluegrass and celtic! An up-and-coming musician needs all the support she can get!