I’m ba-a-ack!

Okay, this isn’t the style I would’ve discovered if not for a few defining factors.

First, after I cut my hair, I usually wait 3-6 months until it reaches neck or shoulder-length so I can get it cut and molded into a layered long pixie style that I really adore. This time, I didn’t cut it for nearly a year because I hardly went outside and into society what with the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns. Oh, sure, I have a fair dose of occasional friend hangouts, but not nearly as much of a social life as I would’ve wanted. So, I stopped styling my hair. The most treatment it gets nowadays is some shampoo, conditioner and occasional Mai Tai Spritzer sea salt spray to make it just a little more gritty. Although, those “texturizing sprays” they might as well be scams. I smell the sea saltiness which takes me back to last semester when I took walks outside in the cold evenings and smelled my hair and pretended like I got my life and French together and am heading off to Europe — but I hardly see any difference in my hair! I might have been scammed. *shrug*

Second, I stopped applying makeup and putting in contact lenses due to a stye that popped up on my lashline. I needed to treat it for a while, so I laid off all the eye stuff.

Third, since I wasn’t going places, my I stopped maintaining my style and switched to more casual, tomboyish wear. Since maintenance isn’t a big issue with tomboys, I only applied a bit of eyebrow pencil, (maybe) some nude lipstick, and…a style that isn’t unfamiliar to me but still something that I wouldn’t have discovered if I didn’t need to dress down this year and still look fabulous.

You might remember this type of style. It’s the Annie Hall look that I’d covered a couple years back. I did another inspo look today.

That moment when you’re not sure what to do with your hands so you just hide them behind your back.

When you tryna bust a move.

Fabulously sad.


Okay, one more:

Skipping school before it was cool be like!


I’m wearing:

Blouse — Maison Jules

Tie — thrifted

Vest — H&M

Trousers — Papaya

Chuck Taylor converse — DSW

Hey, fun fact! I bought the converse shoes on the day that my friends took the photos of me. I LOVE them; they bring out more of the rugged boyishness than the fancy loafers (last two pics) which I substituted them for.

I think I’ll keep the fancy loafers when I wear something tomboy-chic. Whole different from today’s casual tomboy. The shoulder-length hair, the no makeup look, the hardcore menswear and a feminine smile to show you that it’s still indeed me– it’s the Annie Hall way. 🙂