Here’s how I chose today’s look.

I originally planned to cut my hair into a pixie cut starting at the beginning of this month. HOWEVER. My friend invited me to a 70s-inspired rock concert which takes place on the 21st of August. We both agreed to rock a 70s look (Which will hopefully appear on my blog!!), which means that I have to keep my hair shoulder-length to get that windswept flower-girl look.

Which isn’t really disappointing, exactly. I am curling my shoulder-length hair in rollers a lot before its final debut on the 21nd. And while I love pixie cuts, I love matching my clothes with golden curls too. šŸ™‚

Trying to do some Audrey Hepburn happy pose while staying on our semi-constructed bridge. I was too lazy to go anywhere else for a photoshoot today.
I – I think Marilyn Monroe tried to do a pose like that. It must be!
I have a real vintage set of gloves in my hoarding box — these translucent ones are just for extra flourish!
Gotta admit, I paused when I looked at the way my thighs bunch together in photos like these. Then I remembered that my biggest critic will just probably always be me.
All this Stepford wife excitement over…succulents!!!
Here’s the big puppy!
And here’s me blowing kisses to the puppy.
We both look surprised but on different emotional scales.
And finally…the moment when you have the perfect opportunity to feature a vintage artifact on your blog!

I’m wearing:

Blouse — Grandma’s closet (real 50’s stuff, folks!!)

Shorts: Papaya

Beret — Yesstyle

Slippers — from my neighbor’s free giveaway haul on the driveway lul


Now, since I curled my hair in such a trademark look, of course I’d channel something vintage-inspired. Note the key word: vintage-inspired, not a vintage look. It’s too generic to channel a specific vintage trend. Indeed, my blouse actually does come straight out of the era, and I wore some white shorts because girls did wear something like that back then. However, the beret is more for fun rather than anything indicative, and the look can fit very well into the modern-day era.

I liked the shoes, but I didn’t have anything that matched their hue, except for maybe for the salmon pink tints of the blouse that matches them more or less according to my color wheel. Then I remembered my hair still in the rollers, and I put two and two together and decided it would be time for the shoes to shine today. Maybe it looks vintage, maybe it doesn’t. They’re a little long and stubby for the sleek, rounded conventional ballet flats in the 50s, but overall I think I was successful in finding a look to match these unusually-colored shoes today. šŸ™‚ Thinking of getting some ice-colored eyeshadow to match the shoes even better. Whaddya think?