Hey guys,

This may be one of my most ambitious projects yet. Not only is this one of my favorite outfits that I put together, but I found a gorgeous setting that matches my style theme.

“Please stay on the path.” I mean, I don’t break rules because I’m conscientious and I don’t go stupid things for the Gram, although the river really is quite tempting today. But if only my feet are off the path, does that still count??
A close-up of my hair, carefully styled and curled. 🙂
Rose garden.

I’m wearing:

Cheongsam blouse — Yesstyle

Shorts — Papaya

Beret — Yesstyle

Sandals — Qupid

Sooo I am unusually happy with how well I put together this look for a number of reasons. One, I combined the classic European style with a Japanese flavor. Remember my site name, Cute, Chic, and Everything Unique? Well, look encapsulates my website slogan to the tee. The Japanese is, of course, the notable cheongsam , and the classic touch is the minimalist classiness when I added an adorable beret with sturdy shorts and a fancifully looped belt. And no, I wasn’t trying to be “french” when putting on a beret; it’s just a staple accessory. All of that topped off with curls, because I prefer to wear my beret with either a bob cut or curly hair. Pretty decorative, if I say so myself.

Two, I matched and contrasted colors where applicable. The beret and shorts matched. The cheongsam blouse matched with my blue eyeshadow. My golden curls matched my sandals (Did you notice??). And the pink lipstick contrasts with both colors.

My only regret is that the tea garden is kinda far away-ish from me, and the only reason that I had an excuse to go there there was because I was going to visit best friend anyway, who lives right next to the garden; and because I had limited time to take pictures. I’ve been planning this trip for some time now, and now that I got those pictures, you ovethink your efforts and wonder whether you’re done enough.

Well, some I definitely like a lot of them, so I’ll take it.

Yeah, so speaking of friends, it got very interesting. When I came to visit my friend that day, he cried to me about, oh, the same things I was enduring, like quarantine blues and depression and friendship insecurities and singleness problems and loneliness and yadda yadda. Except his parents are stereotypical Jews so it adds a layer of complexity to his life (I didn’t say that, he did, so don’t @ me, all ye social justice crusaders).

Last week a girl friend cried to me about her problems.

And then the day after the photoshoot another guy friend cried to me about his problems. The same problems.

Oh boy.

Shows you that whatever problem you, dear reader, are facing, your friends’ problems are much more similar than you think. I’m not going to say, “take comfort” necessarily. But just getting the knowledge and mutual understanding from others will help you trudge through your first-class problems a little better.

Then a little better.

Then a little better.

Then the quarantine season will slip away once and for all,

and then you’ll figure out what the heck true love looks like,

and then you’ll learn how to relax,

and then,

and then

and then….

you’ll gain new friends to complain about your problems.