Hey guys!

Got another swell photoshoot I’d love to show you. This time, I went to a rose garden that’s even bigger and more extravagant than the last one I showed you. You’ll see in a minute!

Posing next to outdoor chains feels weirdly romantic.
And yes, I brought the whole getup: from vintage-looking sunglasses to my grandma’s own gloves from the 50s.
What is life?
Fun fact: by 1967, women stopped wearing gloves for the sake of wearing them; they simply carried them as a fashion accessory!
Okay, not gonna lie…this is one of the best pictures I’ve taken in a photoshoot. I got my pose down, the hair flying at the right angles, and…just look at this crazy fountain! And I’m extremely picky, so that’s saying something.
Mood: model draped over a garden she considers her playplace. I’m not a model, by the way, but I do often get mistaken for one!
Does this look like a heart to you? Cuz this looks like a heart shape!! It really does!
The perfect way to end your shoot.

I’m wearing:

Sunglasses — H&M

Dress — Target

Oxford heels — Yesstyle

Coat — Yesstyle

Interesting point: I’m getting my hair cut into a pixie in a week, so I’m kind of hustling and making sure I can cram in some remaining outfits that go really well with curly hair before that happens. Don’t get me wrong, I loved curling my hair. However, as with the seasons and my outfits, some things have to change. There are some clothes that go better with curly, and others that go with pixies.

Now, I had this dress — the one I’m wearing — hanging in my closet for years, since I was like 12, actually. And I didn’t see much use in wearing it since I don’t wear dresses regularly. However, I noticed that the dress was knee-length, minimal and had a peter-pan collar — a cute and modest type of aesthetic that the 50s woman had. Combine that with my big floofy hair plus some real authentic gloves from the 50s (!!!), they morphed into this shoot and voila! Something modern-day with a vintage twist.

I still can’t get over the fact, though, that I’m wearing real gloves from the era I’m representing today. And they’re beautiful. Almost makes me wonder why gloves aren’t as socially acceptable today as they used to be. But if they were, I’d trade them up for white, wrist-length gloves for convenience’ sake.