Hello, everyone!

As I’m writing this, we are gliding into the fall season. With a newfound interest in French-chic fashion (Read: minimalist, classy, and timeless), I knew that I had to marry my personal interests with a style that will help you seamlessly transition into the chillier days ahead.

Below is my rendition of the basic French style.

Then I’ll suggest some other ideas that have been circling around in mind.

At the rose garden
What does curled hair remind you of? A vintage-glam style, right? Well, then! No better way than to wear minimalist French chic with a fluffy crown!
Hey, you: a gentle reminder that overcast days are a best friend to your camera.

I’m wearing:

Blouse — Maison Jules

Scarf — Nordstrom

Shorts — American Eagle

Trench coat — Macy’s

Flats — Talbots

It’s an awkward time in California: the weather outside is raging hot, as though to compensate for the overcast skies over the past few months. Cali is getting a growth spurt. This is why I understand the need for a style that will last you through the last days of blazing sun.

How to Emulate French girl Style Without Looking Cliché

Luckily in the states, we’re pretty libertine about expressing ourselves. Most people have something positive to say about your style no matter how kitschy or wannabe it looks. But if you want to refine your look and stand out from hearsay cliches, here’s my first tip: know how to wear a beret separately from other stereotypical “French” items (trench, scarf, Breton shirt etc.). Don’t get me wrong, you can wear them together. I’m just saying that knowing how to pair different clothes together without looking like a walking French stereotype is key to good form.

There are so many other blogs that explain basic French girl style in more detail than I can. However, for simplicity’s sake, know that French girl style is supposed to be built on timeless basics that look:

  • Casual chic
  • Effortless
  • Minimalist
  • Simple
  • Feminine

Or, if summed up in two words: elegant effortlessness. This is exactly the look I tried to emulate today: I used simple and timeless pieces (blouse, trench coat, flats) and paired them with a classic accessory (scarf) and finished it off with a matching lip. *

*I cheated, The French “look” should only display either eyeshadow or lipstick. Two; look at any IG feeds and you’ll see the French IT girls (Jeanne Damas) wearing her hair in the all-natural Jane Birkin style. But I broke the rules because I’m not a total minimalist, admittedly.

The steps to your authentic summer-to-fall style, 2022 edition, with a French twist!

Summer-to-fall transitioning doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, the point of French girl style is to get an ensemble that doesn’t take long for you to put together in the morning.

1. Select a French basic piece.

Let’s compile a list of basics typically associated with French style. Take at least one — that’s going to be your defining piece.

Also take a look at Feu! Chatterton’s who are rocking the fall-style really well.

Let me reiterate my current ensemble, as Frenchified as it is, may be more or less “kitschy”. However, people have told me repeatedly how much they loved my style. During the gardens when I was sightseeing with a long distance friend, someone even asked if I was a celebrity.

I just nod to my secret ingredient à la the French girls of IG.

2. Know your fall color diagram.

I’m sure you’ll see repeating pattern of color palettes popping up in clothes stores. Keeping a color shceme in the back of your mind on what fall colors are “in” this season is a good way to insert a little big of transition and look like you’re on top of your wardrobe.

Also, did you know that pastels are in for 2022? So don’t lock those flouncy colors in the closet just yet — consider throwing on the summer skirts with the fall wrap coat for a basic look!

3. Add one fall layer.

Some bloggers like to be long over lean. I like to keep one half of my body exposed while the other is layered up for balance. In my OOTD, I wore a long sleeve blouse with a light trench while wearing shorts.

A bit of Jean Seberg modernity and a touch of Jane Birkin in Y2k style.

I heard that the yk2 style is in this year, no? Anyways, try a scarf top. It’s not only reminiscent of y2k, but it also reminds me a bit of Jane Birkin and how she always gave off a peek a boo impression with her midriff during the 70s.

And voila! These are the suggestions to finding your true French girl style while keeping up with the weather. Let me know if my tips helped, and I may come around with more style ideas from the heart of the country itself!

Meanwhile, when in doubt, just do what I did — go drastic. Put on that classic trench and curl your hair. like it’s the peak of 1957 or something. I promise you won’t look old-fashioned. You’ll look timeless.

Final questions

Q: Gone so long, Serene? Did you die or something?

A: I didn’t die. I was busy with school, internships, job applications, and learning how to be a better person and a better blogger.

Q: Content publishing goal?

A: Ideally once a week.

Q: What is your goal for the coming year?

A: Diversifying my blog content in a way that’s relevant to readers. I’ll provide style tips, thoughts, fascinating style lessons, hot takes…maybe even some interviews from fellow fashionistas.