Why, hullo there!

I expect for some of you it was already long time to whip out those overcoats and turtlenecks. In some parts of the Bay in California, the weather still wavers in the 80’s — can you believe it? I’m lucky enough to hang onto my shorts for a little longer, just a little longer, like the garden roses in October.

This is not a college girl.

This is not a Doric ruin from Greece.

And this is not a Vogue-spreadsheet photoshoot. Though I wish it was.
Okay, not really. I prefer being in charge of my own outfits and photo sessions.
That rose looked at me funny.

Feeling all white.

I’m wearing:

Blouse — Maison Jules

Oversized blazer — Brandon Thomas

Shorts — Papaya

Shoes — Yesstyle

Bowtie — Zara

Glasses — H&M

Bag — Amazon

Today I was, a “androgynous with a feminine twist” vibe. Or, if you want to be more specific, “graduate student with a modeling gig.”

All right. Narrowing it down, the blazer was more, er, accidental. I wanted to wear a white top and bottom, but I wasn’t sure what coat to top it with. Black was too cliché, and I wanted to be a little more daring.

Then I remembered my mum’s retro leather suede blazers in the closet and voila! I surprised even myself with my outfit. I didn’t know I’d get so attached to purple!

If you want to check out more of my curated androgynous looks, you can see them on one of my Youtube videos.

More Autumn California Outfits: Ideas

At the risk of sounding biased, I’ll reiterate that I got off lucky because I can wear sunny-white shorts in California and I’m not out of the transitional stage of the season just yet.

So let’s say that you live in a similar climate to mine, you’re traveling somewhere warm on vacation (80 ℉ in a Los Angeles winter, anyone??), or maybe fall didn’t even come in full swing in your area yet. What do you wear when you want to look more autumn-ready without breaking a sweat? I’ve come up with a list of items I’ve been eyeing for my transition style.

Combine Tights With Shorts

I love this combination! Everyone I knew who oozed “coolness” wore it. Just do not, and I beg you, DO NOT combine tights with wide-legged shorts. They’re going to look like page-boy pantaloons — and you? One unsuspecting page. I made that mistake back in my experimental days in college. When I came home, Mom took one look at me and fell over herself laughing like I haven’t heard in years. And I can’t easily make her laugh.

I’ll make a fashion style cringe compilation one day and you’ll see.

I know leather is in trend…? Wear the blazer as part of your evening look on Hollywood Blvd.

Add Some Thigh-High Boots

I’m getting some Cindy Crawford vibes but with thigh-highs, which double almost as well as tights. In weather that is constantly drifting between cold and warm, thigh-highs will keep you warm and still let you flash some skin in your fun shorts. Welcome to California, where the weather can never make up its mind. Thank me later.


Linen was so reminiscent of last month’s coastal grandma trend. Does it mean that it’s only an exclusive summer staple? Absolutely not! I’ve had a customer waltz into my retail just recently for some (I had to bring out the bad news and tell her that my store is too stubborn to keep the linen). I think it’s unwarranted, because linen can keep you cool you in the heat and warm in the colder days ahead!

My mum’s fabulous fashionista friend was applauded all across her cross-country trips for her impeccable taste in style. Once, she waltzed over to our place all dapper in white shorts and hip white sneakers and — you guessed it — white linen! Her put-together look instantly inspired me to copy her. So, fellas, take it from her, not me, when I say that white linen on white clothes is a look you should try at least once.


I have done a French version of the “transitional” fall look last month, I hope today’s ideas, however, gave you a general idea of the styles I’m looking at before autumn really kicks in — a little like that growth spurt that’s been overdue on your pubescent self. More on actual fall style in a future article.

I should start an autumn Spotify playlist but I’m afraid it’s become a basic white girl thing.