Hello, everyone!

I made a trip to the antiquarian bookstore today in a hint of 70s flare and a touch of autumn red.

It was a little tricky to come up with a good OOTD idea because although I had the great idea of pairing bootcut jeans with block heels, I didn’t know what top to wear! So I rummaged through my mom’s coat closet — as you do when you’re desperate — and found this corduroy coat.

I’ll take it. You can wear oversized coats and still look fashionable! It just depends on how you style “oversized.”

Just for context, an antiquarian bookstore contains rare and first editions of books that can span decades or even centuries. I think the oldest editions I found of a book dated from the late 18th century! It was written in antiquated French — something about the Bastille and the accounts thereof. I forgot the name of the book, unfortunately…

Just flower girl things.
Where’s the bus at?

I’m wearing:

Striped shirt — Yesstyle

Scarf — H&M

Bootcut pants — Old Navy

Boots — Yesstyle

Belt — Windsor

Coat — Brandon Thomas

How convenient that this Windsor belt matches my ivory boots! It’s a win every time I find matching color combinations in my closet.

Another tip to up your chic level by 1000%: tie a short scarf around your neck — loosely so, for that coveted effortlessness.

My main inspiration came from this one French guy over on IG. Look at the simple scarf, the coveted bootcut, and the high heels for his main wardrobe — it’s a consistent look that you can never wear out. I’m pretty sure this type of bohemian-chic style was taken from some obscure post-punk hipster band, but I’m not aware of them right now. Maybe I should research my fashion history a little more…

The look is a little difficult to classify, but I will assume it’s 70s inspired because of the flamboyant heel/bootcut combo; because my inspiration’s band where he performs comes from a post-punk (70s) background, and because corduroy really ramped up during the 70s.

This look — let’s call it chic with a bohemian twist — isn’t defined by typical boho tropes like the flowy dresses and beads and Lennon glasses. Rather, it remodels itself into a timeless look — one that’s mildly familiar from a different era and simultaneously radiates a timeless feeling.

From this day onward, I’m adapting this look into my top staple classic looks. I only wish I brought my square-rimmed glasses to complete the retro vibe.

How to wear corduroy in 2022

Corduroy is one of those things that you don’t think about styling until you have to. But if you’ve been in my situation, you can turn an unlikely piece into a staple. I’ve seen corduroy trend this season in places like Banana Republic and Zara as of late. Regardless of whether you’re following the trends or not though, corduroy is in style no matter what year or era. Here are some pairings that excite me!

1. Pair corduroy top and bottom.

Ideally, I would wear a blazer with a matching set of wide-legged corduroy pants. Underneath the blazer you can layer with either a coveted striped shirt, mariniere, or a colorfully printed blouse. And yes, I based this look largely on my IG inspiration. Just remember to add a scarf.

2. Button-up corduroy skirt

I love the idea of being able to button as much of the skirt as I want (slits, anyone?). I recommend either a flouncy or a pencil skirt. Both of them give me Nancy Drew vibes. Finish off with either penny loafers or oxfords.

3. Throw on a staple shirt.

Okay, truther time: I see this staple classic hanging out in the men’s aisle more than in the women’s. But I think if we girls modified it, we can make it work. Layer it with a thin turtleneck or leave as is and add flare jeans at the bottom. If you’re going for historically accurate jeans, keep in mind that the late 70s featured dark-washed, skin-tight jeans like the ones I wore.

Further inspirations

Final Thoughts

Dress it up or down into formal, semi-formal, or casual. Wear it for warmth and comfort through the late autumn weather. But most of all wear it because you like the way this durable fabric plays up to your autumn style. Challenge yourself if you’re not familiar with it — I did, when I put on the oversized corduroy blazer and decided that “oversized” doesn’t always have to be a sizing mistake.

And you? Would you ever wear corduroy?