Hi, fashion-thusiasts!

Quick question: is anyone here familiar with the 1977 romcom Annie Hall? I watched some of it out of interest…I couldn’t finish it. It was a biiiiiiit too raunchy for my tastes.

Now before you throw a book at me for sounding like a hopeless prude, just know that I’m not here to tell you what to watch or not to watch. It’s just my own perspective. As a fashion blogger, I’m not here to give out a full-on movie review as a final word. However, as a fashionista whose duty is to find style inspirations everywhere I go, I could not ignore the Annie Hall look, one that made her a household name and a fashion icon in the 70s.

Let’s talk about it.

You see, you will either love it or hate it. The style, that is. I call it “menswear with a feminine twist”. Take a look and see what I mean.


“Hi! Haaaiii!”



“Welllp… *awkward pause* Byyyeee. Heheh…”


“What a jerk. ‘Would you like a lift?'”



“Oh, well, hahah…la di da, la di da, la la, yeah…”


Annie holding a modern-day Motorola G phone. Observe, my friends, the anachronism!


The tennis court is where Annie and Alvy met. How opportune! Annnd yes, I do look like Charlie Chaplin. Keaton had the darnedest inspirations.


Now this is where I break out of character and put on a trench coat. I think tweed blazers would’ve been more of Annie’s go. I don’t have a tweed blazer yet…so I had to do with a cute trench coat…


Sis and I found this random gasoline pump on top of this one hill, and it’s awesome how vintage it looks. Perhaps it dates back to the Annie Hall days, hmm?


Last look. Yes, these are admittedly awkward pants on me. You wouldn’t catch me dead with those pants in public, but they are the perfect Annie-Hall imitations!



I’m wearing:

Hat — Forever 21

Blouse — Maison Jules

Vest — Yesstyle

Tie — Amazon

Trousers — Gloria Vanderbill

Loafers — Dolce Vita

Trench coat — Banana Republic

     The hardcore look probably doesn’t work on everyone. Heck, I don’t even know if I pulled off the look myself. Maybe it looked better on Annie Hall because Annie Hall is, well, Annie Hall! And she had a naturally pretty face; thus the tomboyish silhouettes tastefully hid the rest of her femininity while letting it all shine through her face. It’s all about pairing tomboy pieces tastefully: looking dapper and borrowed-from-the-boys while not losing any of your femininity.

So how did I get into Annie Hall? Let me backtrack a little. When I first saw Annie on the Net while mindlessly scrolling through romcom suggestions (I naturally hate romcoms, so I must’ve been VERY bored at the time), I thought, “Who is that girl?! What an unusual-looking individual!” Then I checked out the movie, and when the shy and ditsy Annie first stole the show with her self-depreciating mannerisms and “la-di-dah,” catchphrase, that sealed the deal. I was basically in love, with her and her personality and strange fashion sense. Her awkward, apologetic persona resonated strongly with me. “What is soooo me!” I thought to myself as I giggled along to her klutzy babbling in front of Alvy. In fact, I’m pretty sure many women could relate to her. Annie was candid and absolutely in-character. Hah. No wonder I had such a girl-crush on both Keaton(the actress) and Annie. Although I really couldn’t tell them apart, because Annie is rumored to be largely based on the actress herself.

But that’s a different story. At least just watch the meeting scene between Alvy and Annie, and then YOU tell me if Annie Hall came across as someone deliciously captivating.

I’m really loving the dashingly formal look of a tie, vest and blouse combo. But maybe  if I mascaraded in something Annie Hall-inspired in public, I’d trade in the baggy trousers for something more feminine-cut and flattering, like, uh, I dunno, khaki skinny jeans? Is that a thing!? I’m obsessed with skinny jeans!

But for a long time I always did love ties, even before my  Annie Hall craze, and I’ll be wearing them more on this blog. Beats, um, surgery-augmented bewbs, which I think are overrated across my Instagram feed and the fashion lines.

So here’s the scoop, fashion-thusiasts. If you ever wonder what’s new from the usual Kylie Jenner trend, just remember, there was once the “Annie Hall trend”. So put on a nice tie — especially you, girls — and go strut that look! Because in today’s society, it’s fresh, it’s underrated…and it’s totally not bewbs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s put the sexy back in ties!!

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