Good day to you, fashion-thusiasts!

It’s been a while. Now it’s summer, which means summer college courses, more time for blogging, possible family outings, and- OOOH, PROM!!!

Just an FYI, I call it prom, but it doesn’t mean everyone will equate my experience to the very definition. You see, I’ve been involved with a small Russian community for nearly all my life. Some students, my friend among them, graduated from a Russian-based school. As per tradition, we hold a Beliy Bal (“White Ball) to celebrate. The graduates, all dressed in white for the occasion, host a fancy dinner for the Russian community — all replete with hired waiters and fancy tables set as though for a high-class society. The parents of the graduates say some words of commendation for their hard-working children, then the graduates and their dates perform a choreographed waltz.

THEN, the funnest part of the event — we all break out on the dance floor. Classic music commences; if we’re brave enough, we snag a partner and (try to) present our best waltz moves. Classic leads to salsa music, then jaunty modernized remixes of Russian folk songs, then some of the popular pop music to cater to us young generation. Some of us know how to dance, some of us — don’t.  My dad was a professional dancer back in his days, so I grew up learning how to waltz a little. But based on the latest feedback from my Mom, (“You looked…yeah…you looked terrible on the dance floor that time”), I need formal ballroom lessons. Big time. Looking forward to that someday. I’m a tap dancer, not a ballroom dancer!

I’m afraid I might have said too much at this point, but at the same time, I feel like I haven’t said enough. So I’ll dress the main question:


Ah! I’ve been waiting for an event like this to happen, just so I can show you!


Ooh-la-la! ‘Tis the return of the 30’s gal!





Tiffany got burnt out…

Just for props, this is what the ballroom looked like:


It took place at a former center where I performed choreographed Russian dance routines to music back in my elementary/middle school days. Ahhh, the memories!

Naturally, prom isn’t prom without your closest friends. And trust me, I DID have a blowout with them that night. But they’re pretty private people, and I respect that. They wouldn’t want their photos displayed on the Net. So I guess you’ll have to stick it with just me instead!


I’m wearing:

Dress — Le Gala by Mon Cheri

Heels — Unlisted

     Overall, I loved my dress! I remember how long we searched or the “right” one. When I saw my neon-green one at this one thrift store, I thought: “That’s the one. It was made for me.” Looks like my don’t-settle-for-less policy payed off.

In fact, after my first prom several years ago where I wore this same dress, I was really hoping for another opportunity where I could wear it again. It’s my absolute favorite, and I think anyone can guess why: it’s neon, strapless (because I love sexy strapless!), and the hanging fabric on the hems weave in and out of legs, making the design look so original.

Oh yeah, and the hair. I’m a sucker for curly locks, no matter how vintage they look.  You can tell a supremely special occasion is underway. Took all morning to keep them under wraps in bendy rollers, but it was sooo worth it! I even wore my bendy-rolled hair (under a scarf, of course) to Macy’s for my makeover! Oh! Speaking of which…Mom bought some powder from Mac. And since you can get a walk-in makeover if you buy anything from there, I asked for one.

Mini-makeover is a bit of an understatement…

Turns out I had the WHOLE deal done on my face! Primer, foundation, bronzer, blush, countour, highlight, dramatic eyeshadow, eyeliner, BROWS…phew! And to think that some girls do the whole routine daily?? Guys, you know me — I’m pretty minimal. Some eyeliner, mascara and lipstick will suit me just fine. Maybe some blue eyeshadow if I’m feeling extra fancy. Of couurse, this was a very rare exception.


Sorry the resolution isn’t any better. I have a sucky phone camera.

Thus ends this one post I’ve been dying to do ever since I first started this blog! Least that’s checked off my bucket list.

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