Hello, fashion-thusiasts!

It’s been a while. I needed to sit back. Take a breath. Reflect. Re-evaluate my long-term goals outside of fashion blogging and work on them too.

So, I just had a birthday. For this extra-special day, I donned makeup, nice clothes and a fancy hairdo. So it felt pretty opportune of me to take up the camera today.

My hair came out curlier than I expected — like a Marilyn Monroe or some Golden-Era celebrity. So I found me some clothes that looked a bit like hers. Maybe you can see the resemblance?




Yes. Yes, I’m posing like Marilyn Monroe. Inspiring Pinterest boards really do inspire.





My golden-colored hair, which I dyed and I am so proud of. My curls, in my opinion, still need practice. I need to find stronger hair mousse too!!




I look like I wanna pee here, but you’d get the reference if you ever watched The Seven Year Itch. 😉

I do quite adore this halter during the hot summery evenings…



I’m wearing:

Halter — Yesstyle

Pants — Nordstrom

Heels — Unlisted

     Initially I intended to have hair that was more wavy than curly. Apparently I should’ve put in 8 hair rollers instead of 12! Also, the curled bangs really give it away. So I figured, what the heck, and searched around my closets for something Marilyn-inspired.

I had a blue halter top. Marilyn Monroe had a white halter dress in The Seven Year Itch, but I was close enough. It would match my blue eyeshadow. Then I saw other pictures where Marilyn wore white pants. Luckily, I recently bought white pants from Nordstrom. There you go — I wore something modern but at the same time reminiscent of a famous movie star. Now the only thing I had left to wear was her flashing smile!

Final note. If you noticed that my current post has better quality pictures, you’re right. My mom got a 35mm prime lens for our Nikon DX. Amazing photos! Well, time for me to pick up a photography book, maybe watch a photography Youtube video, and learn more about my lovely semi-professional camera. Maybe one day it’ll give me the knowledge and confidence to take my own pictures. It’s the least I can do to pay back my photographer and entourage aka my sister for all her work with me.

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