Hiya, fashion-thusiasts!

Today, I’m sooo stoked to show you one of my favorite outfits of all time.



I’m screamin’!!! The outfit is from Yesstyle. Isn’t it sooo cute?! If you think it looks Asian , then you are right! The outfit is from Yesstyle, an Asian brand.


Posin’ with the flowers…do my eyes look big yet? O.O






Rear-view. They even got lacing in the back!


Sis calls it the “I-wanna-be-a-Japanese-anime-girl” pose. ^ What, the theme is supposed to be cute!



I tried to make my eyes look bigger via makeup. Unfortunately, it’s barely noticeable even up-close. Not even the transition shade, the vital part for making “big eyes”, is visible. I guess I should’ve used a darker shade of brown. Dang it!

Here’s the final wrap, with and without the matching sweater. Which look do you prefer?




Last picture’s for aesthetic purposes. Just because.


I’m wearing:

Blouse — Yesstyle

Suspender skirt — Yesstyle

Sweater — Yesstyle

Stockings — JC Penney

Loafers — Dolce Vita

     I’m a huge Yesstyle fan. I have bi-annual hauls from there and I can’t stop recommending it to everyone. Now I think you know why I’m absolutely in love with Yesstyle — the fashion has a foreign, unique aesthetic with a noticeably kawaii(cute) flair that is near impossible to find in Forever 21 or H&M or Nordstrom. And a tie-neck blouse paired with a bright blue suspender skirt? Come on, how stylish is that?!

Or maybe I’m just a huge sucker for the Japanese kawaii (cute) style. I don’t think this outfit is toooo flamboyant…it just makes a statement.

You know? I wasn’t much into fashion before, let alone makeup. I was that jock who invested heavily too heavily into running to care. Then my sis introduced me to suspender skirts from Yesstyle; my interest in the site piqued, and the rest is history! When I saw how perfectly the blouse would go with the skirt, I was completely sold. I thought, “That’s it! What if could devote my time to pairing other pieces into more amazing combinations like this?!” So in a nutshell, now you know why I’ve taken up fashion blogging in the first place.

I guess I’ve got Yesstyle to thank for that. So thank you, Yesstyle, for opening up a new passion.

I need to touch on one last thing: the makeup. I tried to make my eyes look bigger — you, know, because the Japanese stress big soulful eyes in their culture. Gives it that kawaii aesthetic. Like I said above, the makeup’s barely visible. However, I will leave a guideline on how to get the look in case you have better luck (or a better eyeshadow palette. Victoria’s Secret Palette is kinda crap) After researching and watching video tutorials, I compiled a list that I followed with the makeup tools that I already have. This is what I did for my look:

  • Take a transition shade from an eyeshadow palette and brush into the crease of your eye(Or any brown shade, really, which isn’t too conspicuous but just there).
  • Use a light or neutral shade for the lids.
  • Add shimmer into the inner corner of your eye and highlight just below the arch of your brows.
  • Draw little wings at the edge with eyeliner. No waterlining on the bottom unless it’s white!
  • Take the same transition shade and apply below the lower lashes
  • Apply mascara to top and lower lashes — BUT, don’t coat too deep into the roots! We’re gonna make those tips look bigger than they really are.

Again, this isn’t a single formula for big eyes. This is just a list of techniques I borrowed from different sources because it works with what I already have. Except I’m definitely getting a darker shade of brown for the transition next time. Yup.

And next time, I’ll heed my sister’s and photography tutorial’s advice and take pictures 10 minutes after sunset, because I sure didn’t need some of that shade.

I hope you loved this outfit as much as I did!!

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