Hi, fashion-thusiasts,

Yesterday was one of the biggest and most beautiful celebrations in the Russian Orthodox calendar: Easter. During that time, a service at our church is held from 12 midnight to 3:30 in the morning. Late, huh? Anyways, I’ve been attending for a decade already, and I must say, it’s become one of the signature traditions in my lifestyle. And I also dress my best.

Pictures of me were limited since it was the middle of church service and not a planned photo shoot, but I convinced my sis to take a few in one of the side rooms:




DSC02982 (2)


Ah! There, right above, I tried to cinch my dress at the waist by squeezing it together in the back so it would look more form-fitting on me. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s loose clothing. Dear Forever 21, please stop making those tweed jackets look as shapeless as potato sacks, because I like tweed but you ruin jackets…


Matching headband!


I’m wearing:

Fur coat — Forever 21

Dress — Carole Little

Wedge heels — Unlisted

Headband — Target

     I curled my hair again in rollers and applied smoky eyeshadow from the Victoria’s Secret palette(Doubt it’s very visible here, though). Undoubtedly I meant to dress for an all-nighter Easter celebration, but I incidentally picked up on the 30s movie star vibe. If I remember my fashion history correctly, the women’s fashion in the 30s was marked by slim, ankle-long dresses, so I guess I’m doing this history throwback right. Not to mention, the signature fur coats that you see on Goldern-Era actresses! I’m also seriously loving the volumized curly hair, too. Definitely wearing it more in the future. The pain of pinning my hair in tight rollers for several hours is sooo worth it.

One more note. Since I’m doing dabbling in photography, last night was my first “official” camera practice as I tried to capture to pictures of the church service with my sister’s Cyber-shot DSC-RX100. Safe to say, I’m a total sucker. It was more experimentation with the camera settings, trial and error, and general exploration than actually taking photos. But! I just got a great idea. In my “Behind the Blog” archive, I am thinking of posting my day-to-day photography and recording my findings as a sort of visual progress and learning tool. This blog isn’t just about my fashion, it’s meant to showcase the interesting aspects of my lifestyle. And the experimental pictures from Easter are the perfect starting point. Warning: I WILL post some of my suckier pictures at first, but as part of the experimentation, like “Oh, so THIS is what this setting does!” xD

Let me know what you think of this style! I know we Orthodox are a little late on this, but from me to you, loves: Happy Easter! Christ has Risen!

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