Hey-hidey-ho, fashion-thusiasts!

Is the march madness coming to an end? Well, if we’re talking about March, yes. In the figurative sense…thankfully. I was, indeed, madly busy with midterms. Sleep deprived, stressed, jittery from the caffeine meant to keep me up…all that good college stuff.

But for spring break, I found a chance to show off a look for the spring atmosphere setting a-bloom in my neighborhood.


Just your average girl next door. I just went to the library to collect more books, so reading was a good part of my vacation. Very fitting; I believe the girl next door is always a bookworm!




All right, I admit: I do look better without those bookish glasses, as seen above. But I’m gonna keep trying to rock them anyways! A true fashionista looks good in anything.




Oh, lor!! We were taking a walk towards the next photography setting, and sis was experimenting with the camera and got this spontaneously lovely photo here. I think the shutter speed needed to be a bit faster here. Still!


Full-body shot.


Flower for a bookmark.



Can I talk about the hair for a minute? Okay, so what I realized was that every time I’m using hair products followed by a blow-out, the hair on top of my head tends to come out flat. Annoying. So I just stuck to the same ol’ shampoo and conditioner, which brings out more movement and life to my hair. But the mini clips for my hair, if applied correctly, are an added bonus, and they’re really cute! More on them in the next posts.


I’m wearing:

Clips — Forever 21

Blouse — Land’s End

Vest — Thredup

Pants — Rachel Roy

Wedge heels — Amazon

To recap: Because it’s spring now, I wanted a look that wasn’t too layered but still needed some protection against the spring chilliness. I paired a blouse with a 3/4 sleeve length and a cozy long vest. A nice pair of pants, just as cozy, matched the vest. And yeah, I know Saint Patrick’s day is long past, but a green neckerchief provided a spring feel and a pop of color. The small wedge heels showed off my bare feet, hinting of warmer days ahead. The result? A comfortable spring look that retains a classy aesthetic.

That’s it, I guess. I have a lot of passions that I’m pursuing during spring break, but two significant ones are 1) coming up with more fashion ideas and 2) taking photography lessons on Youtube. Hopefully I will work the two together to negotiate ideas for even more dazzling photoshoots with my sister. We make a team, you see, but I hope to up my game. One day!

So….what do you think of the look?

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