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Well, good thing I saved THIS post for a rainy day. I’ve been out, I know, but that doesn’t stop me from dabbling in fashion and still having something to show for it. And lately, I’ve been thinking of making some more “inspired-by” posts like this one, breaking down the fashion that my muse is wearing. 😉

So. Does anyone know Grace Vanderwaal, the winner of the 11th season of AGT? Not only is she a music prodigy (She was 12 when she won!!), but she’s also displayed some fashion eye-candy on AGT and the Jimmy Fallon show. Fashion…heheh. You know where I’m headed with this one.

I’m a sucker for cute and preppy styles.  Grace wore both, and so flawlessly, that I was almost drooling! How does she look so good?! 

I don’t want to make any copyright infringments, so I posted a link here to my first favorite outfit of hers.

I also made a Polyvore collage based on that look. All the clothes are under $50:

Inspired by: Grace Vanderwaal

WithChic collared shirt
$30 –

Pink jeans
$43 –

Lace-up booties

Beach hat
$9.60 –

Annnd here’s a second look that I really admire here. Again, all items are under $50:
Inspired by: Grace Vanderwaal #2

Slim skinny jeans

     So, where do I come into this? Well, I was shopping at Forever 21 and I found a striped shirt paired with a jean jacket. I liked it immediately. So trendy! I remembered that Grace wore something similar for, I think, an album cover. The picture is here. So I tried out the outfit in the fitting room and it looks like this:



Oh, and the stuff on my head are cat ears with flowers. Because Grace wore cat ears in that same photo. ^..^

Forgive the none-too-great resolution of the photo, you guys. I wasn’t planning to go full-on photoshoot that day anyways. Total spontaneity here.

Also, confession: I’m pretty thrifty, and since I didn’t feel like I liked the outfit enough, I didn’t buy this look. But it was still fun channeling Grace Vanderwaal for a day!

Oh! I also found this cute blouse at Forever 21, and it too reminded me of what Grace wore on what I think was her first debut on AGT here.


No, I didn’t buy this either, much as I was tempted to. It’s just that I lost some of my love for this when I realized the cute collar was inset into this coat. I don’t like inset collars; that’s just too lazy. I prefer to have a separate blouse with a separate coat.

Now, for a final Polyvore collage based on the fashion that helped this blossoming superstar stand out even more on her first day of stardom:

Inspired by: Grace Vanderwaal #3

Steffen Schraut keyhole top
$145 –

7 For All Mankind skinny jeans
$58 –

Flat shoes

WithChic hair styling tool
$26 –

     Do you see a pattern with these styles? Grace wears a variation of cute shirts, mostly peter pan blouses, paired with skinny jeans — just my type of go-to style! And I love all the jackets that she pairs with the rest of her outfits. Again, really cute but also really classy. I just don’t see that type of aesthetics in people anymore. Nowadays a lot of fashion seems either too trendy (which then becomes overrated), too conforming or leaves toooo little to the imagination. Then there’s someone whose fashion tastes bring something fresh into the celebrity scene. Grace’s sense of fashion is something that happily clicks with mine, and that’s NOT something I say often about people!
     Thinking of performing anywhere? AGT? A talent show? Whatever, fashion-thusiasts! THIS is how to look good on stage!
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