Hi, fashion-thusiasts!

SO. Tiffany got lazy and didn’t update last week. Whoops! At least I got time to gather more ideas for my next post. Luckily, I came up with something which I wore to college last week. The title says it all, guys…


Oh look, it’s dem big-ass boots again.





Designer glasses. Just becuz.


Candid photography 101: smile! 😀



Okay, so this one’s interesting: I tried to emulate the above pose from a Pinterest post. Not too bad!


Ew. My double chin, though…



I’m wearing:

Blouse — Mine

Blazer — H&M

Shorts — Yesstyle

Ankle boots — Forever 21

     So I had this black blouse, and I thought it deserved a chance in the spotlight. After thinking what to pair it with, I ended up deciding, “Well, this basic piece is black, and it wouldn’t make sense to pair it with too many flashy stuff. Sooo…more black, I guess?”

You might already know that I looove balancing out formal/preppy pieces with something fun and cute. That’s why I incorporated those flowery shorts along with the chic blazer and blouse. It’s still chilly where I’m at, though, so I added some thick leggings underneath.

Lastly but not least, I lined my upper eyelids with thick black gel liner to match to rest of the black I’m wearing. Then some mascara and a pop of pink lipstick. I should also add in my hair routine someday i.e how I style my hair for the photoshoots. Should be fun.

I know, today’s style was more or less a winging-it scenario. But hey, black shirts matter, too.

SO. Black clothes — what do you think about it?

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