Hello, hello again!

Valentines-themed fashion underway!


Experimenting with sunlight…



Today I amped up the girliness in my style. Am I too blatant? Maybe. But it expresses me well, so #sorrynotsorry.


Okay, so maybe you noticed my hair is different today. Yes, indeed! I curled my hair with bendy rollers. I once did that with longer hair in a previous post, but anyways… I look like a cross between Shirley Temple and Lucy from I Love Lucy! Or an all-around 1930’s gal. I’m definitely going to rock this hairdo in future posts because I frickin’ LOVE it.



Dang it!! I wish I had my magenta-pink lipstick to match with my clothes, but I left it in Dad’s car and forgot to take it out, and now he’s using the car for work…

Ah, well. I’ll just have to do with JuicyTube lip gloss.




Hello, it’s me.
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…




So in the last shots, I had a sakura blossom background. Sparse, but fits with my pink clothes. And now, I found some beautiful lavender. I know it’s not fitting for a “Valentine” theme, but you know what? It’s hard to find those “perfect”  backgrounds, let alone the  ideal sakura trees with their romantic droopy branches and their petals floating oh-so-aesthetically behind me. So you know what? When life gives me a lavender backdrop, then I’ll take Mother Nature’s lavenders with gratitude! Beats trying to be too “perfect” in every picture, anyways.



I’m wearing:

Blouse — Yesstyle

Sweater — *Look below

Skorts — Yesstyle

Tights — Forever 21

Loafers — Dolce Vita

Headband — My 12-year-old self crafted it. Thanks, lil’ Tiff.

     *I don’t know where the sweater came from, but you can find a similar one here.

How can you NOT love the all-around pink and cute details?! I think the miniskirt and head band make a super sweet, girly look — just the way I like it. And the collared tie-neck blouse! I just got it from a Yesstyle haul, by the way. One of these days I’ll show you in greater detail.

Here’s the sitch with the skorts, though…

I love skorts. They’re miniskirts, basically, but with shorts. They’re stylish, and I get sufficient cover underneath while still being able to move around freely. Anyways, I receive the skorts in the mail — finally, FINALLY, after saving and scrimping for money for half a year. I try them and look in the mirror…


The “shorts” which were underneath do NOT provide enough coverage underneath. The gaps in behind were too big for my frame, and they exposed everything. It’s like the skirt was specifically made to flash someone.

Shame. And I’ve been so anticipating those skorts since forever.

Look, I’m a huge fan of skorts and miniskirts, but that one was…not designed well. So I’ll just have to make do with leggings and thick tights underneath it.


Do YOU have anyone special in mind this Valentine’s day? I do. Kind of Don’t feel bad if you don’t. My feelings aren’t the type that can ever be reciprocated. Nor is it a realistic one. I’m aware of that well enough. Perhaps you went through the same thing.

So I’ll just stick to hugging some good friends this Valentine’s day just because they deserve it, and maybe next year my feelings will finally materialize into… something worth it. One can dream. :’)

Happy early Valentine’s day! Don’t be a stranger! Comment and tell me what you think of my fashion style. Sh-boom, and until we meet again!

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