Hey, hey, hey! How’s it going?

Today’s style can be worn to a social event, from a fun party to something more formal. It’s similar to my other post from two blog entries ago.


Oh, it’s that ol’ blazer again, huh? Shout-out to all the times I wear it on this blog! But it goes well with my scarf, which I really want to show off today.




Are the images a little too overexposed? I’m sorry. It’s just that my photographer is out sick, so I had to make do with a tripod instead. And I have yet to learn the ins and outs of my Nikon DX.


This is one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf. I posted a link to get the look here.

Don’t know what it’s called, but I hoard many different scarf looks to my Pinterest board, if you’re interested.


Methinks this is the perfect time of insert #mood on the above pic. Even though I still don’t know what the flying hell #mood means.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Annnd just your average phone selfie or two for some hair pics, because I worked hard last night to braid all those little strands of hair. I tied some of it back with bobby pins. So poofy!!


I’m wearing:

Blazer — Yesstyle

Scarf — Gap

Jeans — Kohl’s

Ankle boots — Macy’s

     Well, fashion-thusiasts, that’s a wrap. A classic, minimal look with minimal makeup (thin eyeliner, mascara and magenta lipstick) for any semi-formal event.

Remember I told you that I took those pictures with a tripod? I’m really looking forward to learning more about the fascinating art of photography someday, so that not only will I not need to drag my photographer out for photo-shoots anymore (who’s more generous than I deserve, honestly), but I can improve my overall quality of my photos and thus my blog.

But right now, it’s not that easy.

I’m already have multiple interests and passions, and doing them all take time. I write fiction and wrestle every day with writer’s block. I help edit other people’s fiction. I tap dance. I maintain two blogs — this one and the poem blog. And composing poems don’t always come easy for me. I read fiction whenever I can — sci-fi books, fantasy books, historical books, books about writing for goodness’ sake. I run — though you can say I’m on a hiatus for now.

On top of it all, I have schoolwork and homework, which again takes time for me to complete because I want to get the best grades possible. Many subjects don’t always come easy for me, either — I almost failed in Statistics last semester, and Meteorology comes across as mumbo-jumbo.

Don’t even get me started on my first time job searching and resume building, all of which I desperately want to complete.

I want to do everything — all at once, sometimes. But, I can’t. There are people I know who are probably superheroes and are capable of such a feat, but I need time to process, to relax, to learn at my own pace. I need to organize my time. And that too takes learning. What’s also hard is trying not to compare myself to those “superheroes.” Because in the end, all I get is dissatisfaction with my own life and productivity. So I’m working on this aspect about myself, too.

Oh, boy. Well, at least you know what’s been on my mind this week.

Wishing you well, my fashion-thusiast fam…now learn from me and try to re-LAX in a world that demands you be good at as many things as possible in a certain time frame…and then some!!

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