Hi, peeps!

I’m recreating a look I wore for my second semester of college.



Here I am, lugging a leather pack which looks a little big for my small frame. šŸ˜›



A (failed!) attempt at pulling off the effortless running-hands-through-hair pose. It just looks kinda…fake. Hahah, maybe next time! Or maybe I need longer hair for that. Not that I’m complaining. šŸ™‚

Side note, I think I kinda look like a boy in the above pic.



Waiting for da bus be like.


Eh, okay, not really. I drive to and from college.



I got a Burt’s Bees cherry-red lip shimmer. It’s red — not red enough for me, hahah, but cheap and it works — and it leaves this tingly feeling on your lips when you apply it. Natural cosmetics at its finest, people!


I’m wearing:

Jean blouse — Yesstyle

Gray pullover — Bycorpus

Skinny jeans — Forever 21

Shoes — Sketchers

Ā  Ā Ā  I’ve been hoarding more posing ideas on Pinterest and emulating them. If you’ve noticed. šŸ˜‰ Maybe if I practice enough, I’ll look like a real model. Minus the angry expressions on their faces, cuz that’s not fun.

Out of my other back-to-school styles I wore this week, this one is the most convenient. Not only is it ideal for a casual transition from winter vacation to plopping back behind the school desks, but I found it comfy. The off-shoulder scoop on the sweater gave it a stylish, sexy twist. I should defs wear the sweater more often. Lastly, I primarily wore blues and greys, which I think contrasted nicely with each other. What do you think of the overall outfit? Tell me in the comments section; don’t be a stranger!

Well, aside from homework, chores and side-hobbies, not much else is going on this week. Till next time!

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