Hey, fashion-thusiasts!

I went to an annual family gathering/party last week and today, I would like to recreate the look that I wore.




Isn’t the scarf pretty, though?



I go on Pinterest or the internet for as many posing suggestions as I can find. (Boy, one of these days I’ll need to make a collage for that) One example is the ankle-cross pose, like up above. Thought showing off my purse could make the pic look more pizzazz.


Hey, by the way, are you getting used to my short choppy locks of hair yet? 😉


Here’s a close-up…


…as well as the one of my tasseled ankle boots.


I wore an extra coat underneath the blazer for a layered look.

So posh with your glass of wine, Tiffany! Are you trying to recreate a party scene?

I didn’t actually drink any alcoholic beverage at the party. But it’s always nice to recreate some kind of look with a wine glass on hand. That’s apple cider mead , by the way. I have some during special occasions, and I can say for sure that apple cider mead is, and always will be, one of my most favorite beverages. It’s cheap stuff, but it’s enough to satisfy Tiff in the long run. ^-^


I’m wearing:

Blouse — Maison Jules

Gray sweater — J. C. Penney

Blazer — Yesstyle

Skinny jeans — Forever 21

Ankle boots — Macy’s

Scarf — Quagga

     I wanted to look put together yet classy. All the more reason because it’s winter and, well, gotta bundle up! So here’s a neat tip I learned from my treasure trove of Pinterest sites: layer, layer, layer! I’m wearing three of them here. Add a fourth if you count the scarf. The gray sweater with the cute décor around the neckline gives a background to the hues of blue. Voila, darling! Now you have an idea what to wear to your next party.

I used some bracelets (I forgot where they came from it’s been so long). A neat Chanel purse and a scarf that matched the blazer wrapped up the look (pun intended).

I’m loving this look so much! But then again, when do I not love whatever I wear to post about?

So, on a different note…

College is starting this Monday.

Pros: I’ve been restless all winter vacation, so a change of scenery and faces will be nice. Caught up on reading, tap-dancing lessons…maybe I’ll post videos of my dance progress one day?

Cons: Terrible writer’s block on one of my novel series that I’m working on, and another novel outline I might have to completely scrap. Didn’t make as much progress as I wanted during vacation. A darn shame.

Then as though that wasn’t enough, I’m half-convinced that Camila Cabello’s Havana will be stuck in my head for the rest of the semester.

Havana, ooh na na

Half of my heart is in Havana ooh na na

He took me back to East Atlanta, blah-blah-blah…


Tiffany sig jpeg