Weekend was busy, timing for releasing a post was off again, and the photoshoot was tougher than I thought.

Ah, well. Livin’ the lavish blogger life, fashion-thusiasts. Though sometimes my blogging endeavors make me wanna faceplant the desk. Hey, that should be my mantra: “When in doubt, faceplant desk.” Does wonders for your mental health.

But I digress.

After some trial and error, this is what we came up with:




Oooooh, what’s that? I got a hair cut?! Yes, babyyy! My waist-long hair is now neck-short! Let me rewind a bit. I was planning on getting a haircut for a while because a) I knew I could get something that compliments my face shape better and b) long hair is hard to style. It just hung there, all fine, limp and lanky. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, curling irons, But all that heat, time, and hairspray chemicals just for some waves? Please.

Remember that scene in Bug’s Life where some flies were like, “I’ve got 24 hours left to live and I’m not wasting them here!”? Well, funnily enough, this reminded me of my situation: I’m living in the prime time of my life, and I’m NOT going to waste it on a lame haircut when I know I can step up my game! At the hairdresser’s on the 30th, I distinctly remember the scissors cutting sliding across my hair so quickly — one, two, three, done. A decade of effort was now a rope of dirty blonde on the table, which would eventually be donated to Locks of Love for a good cause. But the scariest part was not that, but wondering if I was going to regret my haircut. Nope! Not for one milisecond! In fact, it has all the assets I wanted so much for my hair — something layered, volumized, and face-framing while looking really cute. Maybe a little scruffy too, hahah. Now I don’t ever want to grow it out. Besides, those trips to the hairdresser are so freakin’ expensive! Never considered the prices for these things, but it’s so true! Ahahahhh…


The knock-knees look.





The straightening-my-bowtie look. Should I get a bowtie? Yeah, I should. A cute one, not one of those menswear bowties, though that too would look…interesting on me.



Here’s the side view of my outfit. And my hair.


I just realized how this smirk is so me. I’ll make a trademark on that smirk. It should be a thing.


Posing with yellow flowers, I’m reminded how much I crave a yellow-blonde hair color myself. Side note: I also got blonde highlights! Had to start out subtle, because if I dyed everything blonde first thing, I’d get roots very quickly. Ugly stuff, you know. But I’ll get more blonde…one day…when I’m not so broke!





For my makeup, I did something semi-dramatic. I used gray eyeshadow for my transition shade, lots of blue all over the eyelids, and a winged eyeliner, all to match with my black-and-blueoutfit. Also, a reddish lipstick for a pop of color. I’m on a mission to find a tube of lipstick that’s a real, legit bright red, though. I only have a tiny sample of Cryolan bright red lipstick that I got, uh, years ago. (Yeah, I’m laughing as I’m typing this — I’m that cheap!)


I’m wearing:

Hat — H&M

Jean blouse — Yesstyle

Vest — H&M

Shorts — Forever 21

Tights — Forever 21

Loafers — Dolce Vita

     Still don’t know where the skinny scarf is from. I mean, some of my clothes I’ve had in my closet for years and I don’t pay attention to such stuff until I’m blogging. Well, here’s a cute alternative right here at a reasonable price. You’re welcome.

I envisioned wearing something like this for a while: something with a fun jean shirt and black bottoms. Later I improvised by adding hipster artifacts (hat, vest, scarf-tie) and voila! I looks like a mix between elegant preppy and free-spirited hipster. Aka “prepster”. I’m pleased with how the end results turned out. The pop of color from the tie especially topped everything off pretty nicely.

This post reminds me how much I (really really) need to learn to pose better. Sure, I have a few ideas in mind, but I need to expand.

I’m not a pro, but I’m gonna start out by reading up! #Goals, amirite?

FINAL NOTE! I didn’t forget to take some fun side-by-side pictures of my before vs. after hair for you guys:

I love it so much! Only difference is that the after-photos looked like something that older women wear more often. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but I thought to myself, “What a mom haircut!” Whereas in my prepster outfit, my hair looked more scruffy and the ends were inverted out, making me look more my age. ^-^ I add the 2Chic Hair Volumizing Styling Booster to my hair to get that look. Thanks, 2Chic.

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep blogging, learning…and loving my ‘do and treasure trove of adorable clothes. I’ve placed another shipment of clothes from Yesstyle– heeheeee! I’m such a Yesstyle addict. What a girl thing to say, right? xD

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