Hello, sunshines!

I got together with some friends at Six Flags over the weekend. I went for years but the trips never get old.


To think that amusement parks could be so scenic!


The park had animal exhibitions. One of them had an indoor butterfly garden, and we could observe them up close as you can see here. Awesumme sauuuce!



I spy with my little eye something blue.

Then, there’s me:



Okay, you might have guessed by now that this isn’t a very fashion-oriented post, and you’re right. Tiff’s taking a little break and decided to take you guys along to the park instead.

I would’ve included pictures with my friends, but they don’t want their photos on the internet. So you’ll just have to stick with me, folks.

I had something more fashionable to wear that day, but due to the cold wintry weather at the park, I had to change to something warmer. Here, I contrasted hot pink tennis shoes and lipstick with a turquoise jacket and hair tie. Perfectly casual and cozy without looking too frumpy. Now you’ve got an idea what to wear on your next adventure in the amusement parks.

Side note: Here I’m minimal with my makeup again. Just some mascara and that pink lipstick to match the tennis shoes.


Me tryna be cute.


I know picture quality ain’t too clear here, but for a hairdo, I knotted my hair two times before tying it off. Since we was busy catching wild roller coaster rides all day, the unruliness gives off a tasteful flair for the occasion.


Taking a surprise selfie with a totally random stranger. I’m so cheeky. xD

We also pet the stingrays.


Well, hellooo there, my babies!

It was in Six Flags that I first fell in love with stingrays. Their wings are so soft…and their soulful eyes! And the way they “wave” hi at us when they surface is so endearing and funny. I do love animals, but I’m rarely that crazy about them. I even bought a stuffed stingray from Six Flags. I keep it on my bed, and I cuddle it…

Guys. I’m frickin’ 18.


I’m sorry, by the way, that the pictures are so blurry. I was using my phone camera. I know, poor quality, but it’s expected when it comes to amusement parks, I guess.


The park was Christmas-themed. Don’t even get me started on the cloyingly sweet, repetitive Christmas music throbbing into our ears at every corner.


Sorry. Had to do it.



There were some new rides at the park, and man, I was pleasantly surprised! One of them was the Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. You MUST try the Wonder Woman if you ever come.  It was this super-fast, rotating disk that swung us SO high in a pendulum motion that we were almost upside down. We rode it at night…BEST side-view ever.  Breathtaking. I will cement these moments into my memory forever.


I’m wearing:

Coat — Nordstrom

Skinny jeans — Forever 21

Tennis shoes — Sports Authority

Because I was on my gluten diet, I was restricted on most foods at Six Flags. Bummer. Luckily, the atmosphere eventually helped my fun-loving side kick in. We took all the most thrilling rides, walked, drank Icees, observed the animals…heck, even the waffle fries weren’t bad. I don’t know why some people are complaining.

Fell asleep that night with the sensation of falling through the air on those rides. Woke up the next day with a stuffy nose, sore throat and headache. Bleh. Must’ve been the super-cold air whooshing in our faces.

Now, could someone go back and get my stomach?

P.S: Here’s another picture of a stingray as a thanks for reading my post. Happy New Years!!!


Remember, one can never take too many pics of stingrays. 😉

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