Confession: I tend to get a little bit envious when I see those big-time fashion bloggers post their picture-perfect Christmas pictures with glamorous Christmassy backgrounds on Instagram.

I’m saying this because I’m sure we bloggers, amateurs or professionals, face the same insecurities. Yet the most we can do is try our best with what we got, right? While I always have had 100% confidence in my clothes, my insecurities show when trying to find that perfect background. Maybe I don’t have the most decorated house to pose in front of, or found the right timing to take pictures in front of a big mall tree while Christmas shopping…but at least I have something to show for my attempts. I only hope I won’t be viewed as any less in trying to represent the spirit of Christmas.


Why, hello there. 🙂

For this look, I paired some eyeliner with a smoky eyeshadow and — a Christmas classic — bright red lipstick.



I also curled my hair for the special occasion.


I hope you like it. I used up some a quarter one half of an entire can of hairspray for this look! Lol. Don’t even get me started on trying to sleep with flexi rollers. Okay, maybe I do need more experimentation with different products (I don’t curl my hair often, you guys!), but hey, at least this hairspray WORKS! The hairspray is Elnett Satin, the by way. Said to be used for celebs, I think. Wait. Did I just find out the secret behind Nikki Minaj’s gigantic afros?


My hair and lipstick reminds me of how the lasses used to look in the 40s.



Even my poochie-poo of a poodle, Kuzya (That’s Kooh-zyah) is taking part in the festivities. Cute, huh? He’s my pillow, playmate, and comfort creature whenever I have anxiety. I swear, poodles are God’s blessing on this earth.

Here he is wearing a light-up collar.



Kinda blurry, sorry about that, but I couldn’t not post. Both of us, sharing a spontaneous moment of happiness — even the dog is smiling for the camera!



Just like doggie, I too put on a glowing necklace. On my head.

Annnd a final shot with Kuzya here..DSC02304


I’m wearing:

Tie blouse — Forever 21

Coat — Loft

Skorts — Yesstyle

Tights — Forever 21

Boots — Nordstrom

     Since I always save the inspiration behind my choice of wear towards the end, I might as well tell it now. I knew to save these adorable skorts for the holidays. Then I thought, “What to wear with it? Skorts = cute. I want to balance it out with something more sophisticated.”

Clamoring around my room half-dressed, I hopped from one drawer to the next, looking for anything that will spark ideas. I found a nude-colored tie blouse in the back one of one drawer and tried that on for the heck of it. Then remembered that jacket from last week’s blog post that never fails to add a sophisticated touch to your look. I put both on, thinking to pull out the tie from underneath for extra effect…voila! I LOVED the look right away. So guys. Next time, try mixing and matching next time you’re ever in the same ditch.

Things I learned today:

  • Bloggings is more stressful around the holidays. Just a mental heads-up for myself and y’all.
  • Make the best of the resources you’ve got. Even if your background choices are limited.

Now if you’re excuse me, for Christmas I’ll be binge-watching Blue Exorcist, for fun but also to help some lad with his Blue Exorcist fanfiction, since I established myself as an (unofficial) editor on fanfiction.  Yes, I’m a fanfiction writer! Imma nerd!  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!!!

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