Hey, fashion-thusiasts!

I had finals, m’kay? Just kidding, I’m not agitated at you guys. I know you’ll understand my absence.

I don’t know if I will pass my Statistics course (The grade didn’t come in yet). The chance seems pretty 50/50 to me. But on the flip side, at least I got overall A’s in Public Speaking and a Child Development/Psychology course. Fingers crossed that English will also follow through.

Now I have a month of winter vacation. Yeah, right?! A month! I never had it that long in high school! I will be expecting my share of Christmas shopping, cheesy Christmas songs to listen to while cleaning the house, and…Christmas poems revolving in my head, screaming to be written down.

Anyways, so who here knows Olivia Palermo? According to Polyvore, she “mixes classics with contemporary cuts”, and I agree on the description. I looked into her style lately…and I like it! A web search should show you how chic she is. Don’t even get me started on her various coats! With the help of my aunt, I paired together a look that should resemble her classy style, at least a bit…


Voila! This coat def has Palermo-esque vibes to it.


Was that time of the day where sunshine was very bright, so lighting was kinda meh.

Didn’t matter, though; at the time of the shoot, I was also going out with my sis/photographer and college friend out to the mall as a celebration for the end of finals. Whoop-weee!!


Not that it matters, but I found a big Forever 21 store inside. And OF COURSE I got sidetracked by the clothes! Is that even a question?


Sis found Nativity figures carved out of wood.





Me drinking Papaya milk tea — my fav! — after that dinner back there. Had my fingers crossed that the quality of the food wouldn’t make me sick afterwards. It didn’t, but one can never be sure of mall food… but I mean, what the heck, the chow mein and everything was still delicious for all it’s worth! Just try the Suki Hana on your next mall Christmas shopping trip.  😉


Tryna look my fanciest, minus the makeup. You might know I advocate makeup-free photoshoots. But darnit, Tiffany, position your hands somewhere already!


Wait, I got this. Pro-tip: when doubting how to position your hands, pretend you’re tying a knot on a string. Just something I heard from one of those big-time models on the Net. 🙂


Where I live, nature still doesn’t realize that it’s well into the middle of winter, not autumn.


Me, looking pretty bling against a bling car, if I say so myself. You like muh new Toyota Camry, by the way? Okay, okay, it’s not so much mine as it’s both my sister’s AND mine. My sis, when she gets better at driving, had better not drive me up the wall — pun intended — when she takes advantage of its crazy acceleration prowess. Ya crazy speedster.

A close-up…




La dee daa…here’s a serene picture of me, surrounded by nature’s color.


I’m wearing:

Blouse — Topshop

Jacket — Loft

Drawstring pants — Macy’s

Loafers — Dolce Vita.

I LOVED that this outfit looked so put together! Granted, I never initially thought this would be my type of style, but I guess it grew on me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be hunting down more Olivia Palermo style pics to hoard into my Pinterest board.

Sending love and kisses your way…


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