Howdy-doo, fashion-thusiasts!

We’re moving into winter but gosh diggity, I’m still getting autumn vibes where I’m at!

Shoutout to the person who gave me this lovely military jacket and who also has a great taste in fashion. Let’s see how this look plays out!


WAY cuter than I first thought.



Ho hum, the mood sings of autumn today…this is my favorite cross body purse, by the way. Goes way back to my seventh-grade adolescent egocentric days when I started to care more about fashion and appearance, especially because of my old crush at church ;))).


Just a reminder that next time you’re feeling jealous of someone’s seemingly “perfect” life in a blog, appearance isn’t everything. I may look like your usual Carefree Carrie but inside I was suffering from heartache and anxiety at the time. But I cope in different ways. So yep. :/



This time I lined the outer parts of my eyes and smoked them out. I like the minimalistic look, but I’m still figuring out how to make them look even more smoky. Hmm, maybe I’ll pair eyeshadow next time.

Mental note to self: just because Anne Burelle can pull off lip gloss in “America’s Worst Cooks” doesn’t mean I can!! 😛 I mean, look at me: the gloss is barely even visible. Ah well, live and learn.

Tryna look extra tall today with my high-up ponytail and heels be like:



I swear, we don’t have a winter where I’m at! xD


Cluster of berries: beautiful on the outside, but poisonous inside. Reminds me of someone I thought I knew…*pensive face amiright*







I’m wearing:

Blouse — Topshop

Skinny jeans — Forever 21

Jacket — Gap

Glasses — Diane von Furstenberg

Shoes — Forever 21

     So there I was, strutting around the neighborhood for the photoshoot, looking, according to sis, “stupidly rich” with my designer glasses, high-up ponytail, posh clunky heels and camera-toting photographer by my side. I thought up of what to say if anyone noticed us odd couple on the streets and asked what we were up to: “Hi, I’m Tiffany and I’m so hella rich! And this is my photographer-for-hire! $50” Yes, I do think I look kinda posh today. Haaahaaah… xD

But joking aside, my sis, who is also my photographer as you may or may not know, takes all of my pictures. For free. You might think, “But what are sisters for?” Yes, but a lot of siblings wouldn’t be as giving. For instance, some might require payment for their time. My sis, though, takes it to another level. She not only takes photographs for free, she actually makes an effort into making them look the best they can. EVEN on her bad days. Guys…if you can find someone as supportive as all that, then whether they’re related to you or not, they ARE your best friend. Don’t take them for granted.

Sometimes it’s just one of those days where I think I need an extra skin. To block out my anxiety, so I can focus on the better parts of life.

But hey, what are MILITARY jackets for, anyways?

Stay warm, fam!


Tiffany sig jpeg