Because it’s Thanksgiving, I’m going to treat you by posting a little earlier than usual for this special occasion.

Today I will try to emulate the amazing autumn-themed pictures similar to the ones well-known fashion bloggers like Southern Curls & Pearls have on their Instagram (She’s amazing, by the way!) by combining a background of colorful autumn trees together  with a cozy garment that I based off a look on Pinterest, and this is what I got:

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Is that too many pictures? There’s just too much of beautiful autumn scenery to not put in here!


I’m wearing:

Tank top — Felina

Jean blouse — Yesstyle

Sweater — Leo & Nicole

Scarf — Gap

Leggings — Zelia

Stockings — Nordstrom Rack

Knee boots — Nordstrom

     I loved wearing the long sweater — it was as cozy as it looked. The boots paired with the stockings kept my feet warm but also added a level of sophistication. A scarf finished the look by adding a pop of color. Ooh, and I put on some blue and gold eyeshadow to match with my clothes. Sounds pretty fitting.

Speaking of autumn, Thanksgiving is today. You now what I’m grateful for? This fashion blog.

I don’t have that much. I’m kinda broke, actually. I don’t have 50 pairs of shoes and 100 jackets that go with everything. I can’t promise that everything I wear will match together smoothly. I always fear that one day, I’ll use up all the clothes I’ve got to show off on my blog. But am I unhappy? NO!!! Behind the scenes, sometimes I put in so much work into making each post just perfect that I forget to take a step back and just enjoy the process. Fashion is fun. Dolling yourself up for the camera and sharing your style to the world is fun. It’s all for fun while finding your place. Life isn’t supposed to be all homework and jobs. It’s about taking a step back to admire the fruits of your labor — a labor that you actually love. I don’t have much, but I’m satisfied with my humble beginnings, if I say so myself (Does that make me sound like a braggart? Uh, I hope not…). I hold the reins to this blog, I experiment with fun clothes however I want, and at least I’m finding the initiative to do it. And right now, that’s all I need to keep going.

So what are YOU thankful for? Bloggers, do you feel thankful that you have an outlet to show off your own little kingdom of your unique creativity? Let’s talk!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to help the family cook dinner, enjoy a day off from homework…and save my appetite for a pig-out Thanksgiving feast at the end of the day. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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