Hello, fashion-thusiasts!

You read that right. Today, I’m a tomboy. A striking difference from my usual getup.


Admittedly a more “cutefied” version of tomboy than I initially planned…


You might notice that I have bangs now. Welllp, yes, mamma, yes! Much more comfortable than front hair, which I always needed to sweep out of my face.


It’s only fitting that I have my pictures taken somewhere sketchy for a background, right?!





I tucked all my long hair into my beanie. Now I look like a REAL boy! *manly man-grunt*







I’m wearing:

Flannel blouse — BEA

Sweater — BDG

Jeans — GapKids (Yes, kids clothes fit this grown college girl wonderfully. No judgy 😛 )

Shoes — Sketchers

Beanie — H&M

There’s a funny story behind today’s style. A week earlier (You might remember last week’s post, Hues of Blues) when I was in my best suit and all decked out in that makeup, a total stranger came up to me and asked for my number — twice! Ehhh…let’s just say I’m not experienced in the flirting world yet. Nor did I care. So I gave him a fake number I completely made up on the spot, and the next day I came to campus dressed like a boy(Well, tried), so he wouldn’t recognize me. Sorry, Mr. Random Dude.

Anyways, that gave me an idea for this post. A brother would’ve come in handy to borrow boy clothes from, but since I don’t have one, I had to improvise. I found a flannel blouse layered with a black sweater, a pair of jeans with baby rips spread in them(Uh-huh so edgy of me amiright, I have rips in my jeans hahahahah), and a beanie to hide my long hair. I think, considering my lack of resources, I didn’t do bad.

Did I succeed in looking like a tomboy today? Tell me in the comments section!

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