Yo, how is November weather treating you, fashion-thusiasts?

This week I wanted to change my Instagram profile picture, since I wasn’t satisfied with the old one. I knew what to wear, but I needed the posture, the backdrop, the clarity, everything to be picture-perfect.

So, for the love of frickin’ Instagram profile pics, my photographer and I experimented, and this is what we got:




I think this outfit sooo cute! It is definitely going to be one of my signature looks from now on. My style today is preppy: blue blazer, jean blouse and skinny jeans with a pop of red from a neckerchief that I wrapped around the collar, which gives it even more flair. Oh, yeah, and black fringed ankle boots for any occasion.

I wanted my profile pic to have me sitting, model-pose. After some fuss, moveing around, and a little nagging from the photographer, this is what we got:


Allow me to humble-brag for one second. When I saw this picture after the shoot, I was so happy at how well the picture came out, I immediately decided to use that for my profile picture! Funny how out of 50 pictures of trying, doing something as unintentional as brushing away my hair in the moment created something like this. Wow. Who knew I could look this fierce?

But of course, the every-present perfectionist in me says, “You should’ve relaxed your fist and made sure your neckerchief was showing out of your blazer! Gosh darn it, Tiffany!” Please bear with me here.




In the end, I chose this above photo instead for convenience reasons.



As you probably noticed, I have this really long, thin, limp hair in my pictures that I often don’t know what to do with. Seriously. I’m a proud abstainer of hair volumizers or curlers or spray, ’cause I can’t stand the thought of shoving all these crazy chemicals into my hair. And at the same time, I don’t regularly pin them into updos, because I like my hair better when it’s down. And yet, it’s just hanging there, all limp…begging me to style it somehow… *shrugs*. Ah, well. Who says all-natural hair can’t look good, too?




Me above, trying so hard to look sexy… xD


Above is a close-up of me. You can see I’m wearing blue eyeshadow to match the clothes, as well as the brightest red lipstick I could find to go along with my neckerchief.



I’m wearing:

Jean blouse — Yesstyle

Neckerchief — Nordstrom

Blazer — Yesstyle

Skinny Jeans — Forever 21

Ankle boots — Macy’s

     I love the way this look turned out! Especially the little neckerchief, which I so adore. It cost $15 at Nordstorm. Pricey? Mmm, I don’t know. You decide. Maybe for me it was, since I’m so frugal. But my policy is to only spend money on something I know I will treasure forever, even if it’s a little pricey.

I am realizing what a perfectionist I am, always asking the photographer to take the photographs just right. Maybe it’s not a bad thing if you want quality photos. (Thanks, Sis, for putting up with my every whims and fuss every time!) But I’m still learning. I’m learning to pose, experiment with different styles, and everything that comes with the big task of maintaining your blog. I say “big”, because until I actually started doing all this, I always underestimated how much time you must put into this. Well, now I understand why full-time blogging is an actual job.

So, aside, from fancy-shmancy poses, what did you think of my overall style today? Tell me in the comments section; let’s talk!

Happy weekends!!

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