Fellow fashion-thusiasts!!

Before I started this blog, I wanted so much for one of my blog posts to be about a look based off Kurisu Makise, a scientist girl from the Japanese anime Steins;Gate. I dressed up a day before Halloween for the photoshoot, but because my photographer aka my sister wasn’t feeling well that day, I figured, “Heh, might as well do it on Halloween.” Just as well; I’m pretty sure I blended in well among the costumed masses that day. 🙂

     One of my favorite hobbies is watching anime, and so of course I was going to base my fashion off my favorite anime character from one of my favorite animes. And of course part of the reason I love her so much is her UH-mazing, sexy science-y style.


Fua-ahhh~! Even her signature cold glare is so sexy! No wonder I had quite the girl-crush on her. When I watched the anime though, I quickly realized that she may put on a fierce façade at first, but she’s actually quite nice. ^.^   <3

This is me mimicking, or at least trying to, mimic the above post:



So here I am, looking like a whitewashed — a very whitewashed — version of Makise. I tried to copy her look as well as I can, including the unkempt look of the shoes (Makise actually has zip-up shoes but SCREW IT, I love my high-heeled shoes and I’m not that picky!) down to the white belt. I also took a coat that mimics a lab coat due to its length but keeps the nude color of it. This coat is PERFECT for an inspired-by look!


This is the choice of… *dramatic pose* …Steins;Gate! Whatever that means. Ask Okabe, the other (mad) scientist.



Oh, and did I mention that Makise is an 18-year-old genius and a prominent neuroscience reasearcher?? Hahah, so admirable, am I right? And look at me: the girl dressing up as a genius who is barely even passing in Statistics. Lol.


I don’t have a panda plushie around so I used the family poodle instead. Hope you don’t mind. 😉



One recurrent element in the anime is Dr. Pepper, which Okabe claims makes you smart or something.

*Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group nor any other soda company thereof. But if they’re interested, well, now they know how anime can influence sales on their products, huh?

Also in no way is it recommended that one ingest Dr. Pepper on a daily basis to get smarter. Any claims of Dr. Pepper turning one into a smarty-pants are purely fictional. If you have any doubts, ask my mom, who dumped the whole thing down the drain when I brought it home.




The year in the anime is 2011. When they still had those old flip phones. They’re a common element, because they’re used to send messages back in time. When I was rummaging through some old keepsakes, I came across our old flip phone. It was old and dead as dead all right, but hoo boy, how excited I was, because I knew that would be a GREAT prop for my blog! So there’s me, holding my flip phone…wondering what  message to send back in time…I mean, it’s a time travel anime…


Hmm, do you think lab coats will make a good fashion statement one day?



My lab coat billowing behind me, I sprint across the strains of time, fading with each step, looking for someone…or something. Maybe Okabe. Even though he is a mad pretentious know-it-all jerk who sometimes needs a good punch in the face(Okabe, did you just alter the timelines again?!).

Later after the photoshoot, I went to the math lab for a group tutoring session, and I called the tutor, “Okabe,” because he looked like Okabe. Many anime jokes ensued. xD


I’m wearing:

Blouse — Maison Jules

Tie — Amazon

Sweater — Neo & Nicole

Shorts — Forever 21

Tights — Forever 21

High-heel ankle boots — Forever 21

     To take away, I loved this fun, scientist-inspired look sooo much! Everything from the coat, to the loosened tie, down to Makise’s ankle boots, was a statement of formal wear in its edgiest form.(Who says scientists can’t look cool?!) And I particularly am drawn to such styles. I mean, who would’ve thought to mix a tie with the edgy shorts-tights combo?

Some might call me a cosplayer (dressing up an as anime character), but I really think it’s more than that. I meant to inspire my look off Makise, so whether you’re costuming, cosplaying or even if you’re wondering what to wear today, it’s all about versatility.

So what do you think of a look inspired by this fashionable scientist girl? Would YOU wear something like that? Tell me in the comments section!

Now, next time you find a new favorite fictional character — trying owning their style! It’ll make your day. 😉

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