Hallo! Good to be here again!

How you enjoying autumn, fashion-thusiasts? For me, it was always this magical time where you experience a very autumn-specific nostalgia that never grows old. Yeah, I’m gonna save the flourishing descriptions for my other *cough POETRY cough* blog. M’kay.

Anyways, as usual, I have a new outfit, and I like how it turned out.


“Whaaaaaa?” you might wonder. “It’s the middle of autumn! Isn’t that summer garb?” Well, yes, baby, yes! Where I usually go to college, the temperature is unusually warm, late through autumn in fact. The weather was nice today, so I figured, “Why not?” I’m sure for those of you who also experience a similar climate, you might relate. Or maybe I’ll influence you with your future summer garb. But since it is autumn, I packed on a cozy warm sweater. It’s a bright blue, and I thought it might go well with my colorful outfit.


Might not be obvious from here, but I clipped my hair into a ponytail — a common and favorite hairdo of mine


Today I paired a layered bright green tank-top(Notice the lace?) with bright shorts from Yesstyle and petite ankle booties.



Just taking life easy while experimenting with poses. šŸ™‚


A light and dark contrast.


For this look I put on some bright magenta lipstick, which I think contrasts well with bright green. I also put on minimal eyeliner and a light shade of green eyeshadow. I know it isn’t easily visible in pictures…


…but hopefully above here, it’s a little more obvious that I’ve got something there.

Now, for the final look:

Ermagaaahhhh! Aren’t the shorts just cute with their edgy frayed ends and flowery embellishments?! No wonder I love Yesstyle! Ooh, guys, which reminds me…in last week’s Instagram photo, I tagged Yesstyle. An-n-nd…Yesstyle liked my photo.

Yesstyle actually NOTICED me!!

When I saw the “like” notification on Instagram, I squealed so loudly with excitement that my sis( aka my photographer), came running over with a roll of paper in her hand, ready to bop any offending spider’s heads with it.

“What? What?” she immediately inquires.

I can only stutter, “Look — look! It noticed, it noticed! Yesstyle actually LIKED my picture!”

My sister was so annoyed she bopped me on the head instead. “Ugh, sis! Why did you have to scream, though! I thought it was a spider or something…”

Later though she admitted it was great.

My sis and I, we make a great team, don’t we?

Anyways, I know it was just a like, but I’m glad Yesstyle noticed! It would be such a dream come true if Yesstyle decided to sponsor or collaborate with me one day. I’m just obsessed with its clothing line that much. Well, I’ll keep dreamin’…and working, to make that happen! I will try to do everything I can to promote this blog and make it aesthetically pleasing to companies and readers alike.

I’m wearing:

Two-piece blouse — Scooter Brown

Sweater — Live Love Dream

Shorts — Yesstyle

Ankle booties — Lulu’s


     Overall I think I found myself a nice look for college– not too formal, not too slovenly. Yeah, I know, maybe I should get into autumn layers and colors, like all the fashion gurus on Insta are doing. But because I don’t get cold easily, and again, because of the warm climate, I guess it didn’t occur to me at first.

I’m a strange person that way. Hahah, no, not really, but let’s face it: my clothes aren’t always strictly season-themed. Sure, I’ll bundle up when it’s colder, and I think that’s convenient enough for my readers if they ever look for inspiration on what to wear this season, but I wear what I like, and I post what I like. And that’s how I roll. šŸ™‚

Stay stellar, and go out and enjoy the moist autumn air!

Lovingly yours,

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