Hello, fellows!

Do you like museum excursions?

I took a trip with a new friend to MOMA museum in SF. Naturally I brought my camera…picture-taking was half the fun!

I mean, it’s French. The red lipstick and blouse is a kitsch giveaway.
But I think “French” and “museums” go together well.
The famous One-Way Color Tunnel is my favorite part of the exhibit, of corse.
Sunlasses: kitsch or timeless?

I’m wearing:

Blouse — Yesstyle

Beret — Yesstyle

Camel wrap coat — Zara

Pants — Aritzia

Heels — Yesstyle

This post doesn’t have a specific style theme. I just took what looked good to wear out and about in the City. My first thought was French, so I just went with French.

Even with some summer June plans, like visiting friends in Colorado and taking road trips with some more, I don’t expect my posting schedule will me largely disrupted.

My blog has been expanding — I added some style interviews — and as did my goals.

In fact now that I’ve committed to photography more seriously, I have to rethink the purpose and amount of dedication to this blog. Thinking how to juggle regular blog posts and “portfolio” friendly photos for a potential portfolio, should I ever delve into more photography. And there’s a lot to learn in Photoshop as well…

So much to learn, so little time.

PS: Next week let me tell you about Emily, a huge motivator for my blog and whose speaking (er, writing) tone has probably inspired my tone.