I met Mizuki through a mutual friend. Mizuki and I only met once before, but last weekend we agreed to go to Mori Point and take pictures and get to know each other better (our other friend couldn’t make it). My two friends are part of a Japanese au pair circle, and I thought this was a great opportunity to get the style perspective of a Japanese exchange student in America such as Mizuki.

Mizuki, who is from the suburbs of South Japan, tells me that her style wants to reflect her background, where, similar to the American perspective, one can don a cute top without taking excessive effort. Here, she is wearing a stretchy body-con dress, casual and cool enough for the unusually warm ocean breeze, but still flirty enough to stand out and feel seen.

SD: Hi Mizuki! What do you want your style to say about who you are?

Mizuki: That I’m friendly and cute!

SD: You’re definitely kawaii.

*Mizuki laughs*

SD: What are your favorite clothing brands to shop at?

Mizuki: Forever 21, H&M, and sometimes Express.

SD: Your choices are very American-oriented. Your style reminds me of the street styles that I see here every day in America, especially when I’m looking out the window at my retail store.

Mizuki: *laughs* Yes, I love the American style…it’s so comfortable! And…flexible? Yeah! Flexible.

SD: Indeed. What are the first things you gravitate towards when you shop in these stores?

Mizuki: Florals and pastel colors with tops and dresses. I’m a foodie, so I’ll grab things I’m comfortable dining out in, like a tank top and matching pants.

SD: Yeah, I think you’re going to have a blast here…does Japan also have a Forever 21 and H&M?

Mizuki: Yeah, they have H&M in Japan! Forever 21 withdrew, but I heard they will come back again!

SD: If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

Mizuki: Nana Komatsu. She’s a Japanese model.

SD: Dude, I’m not even Japanese and I already wish I looked like her.

Mizuki: She’s so beautiful, right?

SD: Most definitely. Thank you, Mizuki; let’s hang out again with our cameras really soon!