Hi guys,

This week’s shoot was fun. This time the denim-on-denim features a chic hipster look that I think I pulled off more or less with my mom’s vest. Check it out!

I look like I’m in a Banana Republic photoshoot.
Now add the scarf and now you can’t deny it.

I’m wearing:

Jean shirt — Yesstyle

Bootcut jeans — Old Navy

Vest — thrifted

Heels — Qupid

Glasses — Forever 21

Rings — Forever 21

I based today’s look off Francois Hardy’s all-denim style. Anyone know which one I’m talking about here? Anyone? Anyone…? Ok, let me show you.

This is Hardy in 1976.

Now, let’s talk about the hair for a minute because we don’t talk about 70s hair enough.

It’s in the 70s that we commonly associate hairstyles with straight effortless hair like Hardy’s.

Here’s the caveat, though.

It’s true that hair was more flower-child style at the time. However, I look at movies made in 1976 like Freaky Friday…

Dawww, look at ’em, look at ’em! Do you remember watching Freaky Friday? Do you?

…and you see that the characters there — mostly the mum — got their hair carefully coiffed to reflect the times. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, really, to see an era when ready-to-wear fashion starts resembling ours in 2023; and hair that still clung to its ultra-stylized ways pre-Free Love era.

Bonus: I found some obscure-ish magazine covers from on Pinterest (as you do when you’re looking for hairstyles online, right?) and there were so many beautiful hairstyles. Fascinating, really. And to think that people wore these every day…

In the 70s we think it’s all Woodstock hair strung with flowers, maybe Farrah Fawcett waves that can be recreated today…no, no, no, no, no! Hair took lots of precision work to style!

Look at this one above. Look at her and tell me this didn’t take an expert hand in curling, styling, and upkeeping!

Oh god, this suit is so modern and stylish! I want it. All of it. Give me the brand names of those clothes — Now, now, now!


Fashion and hair in the 70s are timeless forms of art, ones that I don’t think achieve enough attention today due to clashing hippie tropes. The 70s were, in short, the era that defined the line between modern ready-to-wear and timeless vintage, This was the essence I hope I captured today.