My friends and I recently visited the Dutch Windmill site in San Francisco. I knew I’d expect tulips, but I didn’t expect that many tulips….

Anyways, check out my cheongsam-style outfit topped with my flowy trenchcoat.

You know, the slim ankle boots and wide pant combo does well for visual contrasts.
I brought some Japanese exchange student friends along. Chihiro (pictured) and I have been
hanging out for nearly a year already!
The iconic tower + tulips pose that all the tourists must know of.

Shortly after, we went to a cherry blossom site in Golden Gate Park.

Be the friend that always like to climb trees and you’ll never be boring.
Behind-the-scenes moments of our mutual photoshoots.
It’s a wrap!


I’m wearing:

Cheongsam top — Yesstyle

Pants — Misslook

Heels — Yesstyle

Trench coat — Banana Republic

You’ll definitely see more of the cheongsam-style top in future blog posts. Oriental, classy, and a great alternative to turtlenecks, it’s a great addition to your capsule wardrobe.

I can imagine wearing this as a tourist or expat in Japan. A bit of cultural throwback while blending with a conventional European chic.

Here are some more ideas of how you can combine oriental style into your outfit:


Printed cheongsam coat

Floral-decor (especially sakura petals)

Flowy bottoms (full length skirts/culottes)

Baggy silhouette OR tailored

via: Pinterest

Toggle closure coats

Fun fact: closure buttons with cord decor were historically found in both European and Western-style clothing.

Slanted Plackets

Did you know that the sailor uniforms in Japan were inspired by European style in the Victorian era? They like it so much that it’s still a staple in the country and its entertainment culture to this day!

Okay, come to think of it, a lot of Asian styles look very influenced by a romantic, old-fashioned European aesthetic. The Lolita style, for example, is heavily influenced by Victorian style.

What do you think?