Hi guys,

So this blog post will be shorter than usual because it doesn’t follow any specific theme, inspiration or trend. However, I’ve been thinking about how to combine denim and denim, and it’s something that comes back into the spotlight every once in a while or so.

If you look up denim-on-denim, the first keyword suggestion that will pop up right after it is, “fail.” You’ll either be reminded of Britney and Justin Timberlake’s matching couple outfit “fail” or flashbacks to when your 2000’s crew tried to do a thing…

I think there was a commonality to those “fails”: they looked disjointed. Too saggy pants, too much colorful noise, too ripped in one place, or just too unoriginal. Thus, the best way to pull off the look is to POLISH it. Clean it up a bit, resort to some timeless basics, and you’ll see.

Today’s look will represent one rule for making your denim look fashionable: Pair them with a button down top.

Slav squats.
The area felt secluded for such a big town…
And of course, the loose sweater makes it look like I’m not trying too hard with this denim business.
My friends think I mastered the model pose but when I did it on dirty grounds I think I died a little inside. Anything for the ‘gram, though.

I’m wearing:

Blouse — Maison Jules

Pants — Levi’s

Jacket — Buffalo David Bitton

Sneakers — Kohl’s

See how casually I pair the boyish sneakers with my versatile chic wear like the blouse? I think it gives me an overall playful, tomboyish look that doesn’t try too hard.

Also note the color-matching here with flecks of black all over.

I finished it off with a roomy shoulder bag, worn but reliable and well-loved. A staple everywhere I go.

Stay tuned for another denim-on-denim idea next week!