Hiya, fellas!

Be sure to keep an eye out for vintage-themed posts in the future because boy, do I have a surge of ideas up my sleeve!

Let’s start by replicating the style of Fran Kubelik, portrayed by Shirley Maclaine, in one of my favorite Golden-age films called The Apartment.

Too bad there aren’t more full-body shots that I can show you. What a heartthrob, though! In an era that represented painstaking emphasis on bombshells and mounds of pin curls, seeing a someone that sported a cute pixie and those SMART LOOKIN’ ALMOND-SHAPED EYES is refreshing!

Or, you know, maybe I’m being biased. I’m currently wearing a pixie cut that looks like MacLaine’s. Another reason I’d create a look based on her.

Outdoors + classy trench coat.

…and then it started raining outside, so I finished the shoot at home.

Side note: the white gloves, while totally optional for this inspired look, are a homage to the ones Kubelik wears at her job!

Hiya! May I take off your coat?

Don’t forget to pin it with a flower!! I got a lot of compliments for it…A LOT.


I’m wearing:

Pink blouse — Preview International

Pencil skirt– Pandora Casuals

Blazer — LOFT

Flats — Dolce Vita

So uh…yeah. Let’s talk about it. Note that this formal outfit is based loosely on the titular character. I say loosely because pencil skirts as short as this one aren’t usually worn in a job environment. Ugh, dress codes, but let’s just be realistic here. Also, my pink blouse isn’t exactly a first pick to wear in that same environment either. It’s just something that can be worn to imitate a posh classiness and at the same time protrude a more “fun”, outgoing vibe. I think I’d wear this to college.

Also, because I didn’t have any good scenic areas in which to shoot, I had to use my house, which I regret to say has a lot of clutter in the background and now I am feeling self-conscious about it. Also, my camera wasn’t behaving again. So, maybe don’t hate me now…? Hate me later after I pick up a book on photography. Hahah.

Ah, well…I guess that’s the way it crumbles, cookie-wise. ;)))