Hello there, everyone!

One more week till summer vacation! And then a full week off until…I take summer courses for an entire month. I hope I can practice more after my finals. The efforts are paying off — I’m liking my photos more thanks to my semi-professional Tamron lens!

Today my look is loosely inspired by Audrey Hepburn and her minimalistic black outfit, suave smile and her feminine mystique!

Red on red.

I say “loosely” inspired because my hair is blonde unlike Hepburn’s, and no matter how I do my makeup, I can never enlarge my eyes just right to match her doe-y wide ones.

Classic Hepburn.
See that? I pinned my hair to the sides as Hepburn did in some of her famous pixie haircuts.

Can’t wait to post these up on Instagram for my friends to see! Maybe Instagram is superficial, but that’s where a lot of my real-life friends are gathered, and I love creating an Instagram aesthetic — it’s like a new hobby, now! So, good reader, don’t be afraid to grow your Instagram! I understand it’s notable for portraying fake lives and producing fake followers, but maybe you’ll learn to love it more when you figure out that you can create a neat, beautiful little photograph portfolio for your friends and the world to see. I know, because I had to learn that lesson myself…

Audrey Hepburn, folks. The legend. The fashion icon. The minimalist.

I’ve got to get reviewing for my finals but I got so tired that all I could do this evening was evaluate my photos and write this blog post. I think I’ll go to bed, now. Good night!