Wanna up your cuteness levels? Check out this video I made presenting the ways I do my pixie cut AND the fashion style I paired up with it.

After filming I went to take some pictures.

This pillow is actually made of rock. Aesthetic.
One day my headshot, courtesy of my lovely Tamron lens, will come in handy.


I’m wearing:

Dress — Yesstyle

Oxford heels — Yesstyle

Coat — Papaya

You heard that right: More Yesstyle stash. I got both the shoes and dress for Christmas because they were just SO DAMN CUTE. Later I bought the coat from Papaya because I thought the pink hue contrasted well with the blue dress, and because it was just that particular coat which would fit best with flowy skirts. Anything else like pants make my midriff sections look saggy.

But anyways, I couldn’t resist wearing the outfit to dress, even when my family was like, “Errrmmmm…too fancy.”

Too fancy? Maybe. I’m a little self-conscious that maybe, just maybe, I look like a Japanese kawaii girl…again (Maybe you’ve noticed that I love posting on Japanese-style clothing on this blog). White girl, Asian soul, be like. However, I’m only going to live once. Where it’s a commonplace trope that girls shop too much and never actually wear what they buy often enough, I’m going to OWN my clothing and express my love for Japanese fashion to the whole world.

Bonus: I also recommend wearing a single-palette rusty eyeshadow with this shade of blue. I know I did. I don’t know whether it’s visible anywhere here, though.