Hiyo, fashion-thusiasts.

Now I’m not an expert, but with a few resources, I’ve managed to pull together what I think is a representation of the grungy ’90s style converted from the grunge music scene. I once saw a beauty guru on Youtube slather on a messy rusty-colored eyeshadow palette for the look, which made me think: Holy heck! A single-palette rusty eyeshadow would look so sultry on me! And it won’t take me much time to apply! After all, the grunge fashion is about little maintenance, right?

And boom, inspiration struck.

See now, I’ve attached a special lens (an AF-S Nikkor, I think it’s called???) onto my trusty Nikon 5100 camera. So glad I did! The pictures were sooo colorful!

So if you look at my last four pictures above, they probably look darker. That’s because 1) I was experimenting with light, and 2) I liked matching my grungy look to a darker atmosphere. Overall I’m pretty glad the way the pictures turned out. I found it easier to control the light exposure this time because I learned that the Exposure button on my camera could adjust the lighting just the way I wanted. There, something even an amateur could work with!

Chillin’ like it’s the simpler days.

Full front.

Laid back.

Is this Lizzie McGuire vibes I’m getting?! Hopefully you can spot those trademark ’90s butterfly clips in my hair?! A little bit? Hmm?

And finally, a picture to let you know that I’m a kid at heart. Maybe the ’90s was a better time to show the world that you were an outdoor child.

Here’s a closeup of my makeup. Sorry if the resolution isn’t the best. I realized that specific lens wasn’t cut out for portraits. Otherwise I could’ve borrowed the Takron lens, which does a brilliant job at portraits.


I’m wearing:

  • Shirt — H&M
  • Vest — H&M
  • Jeans — Crown Jeanswear
  • Shoes — Sketchers
  • Choker — Yesstyle
  • Clips — Forever 21
  • Eyeshadow — Sephora
  • Lipstick — Forever

Maybe there should’ve been plaid in this look…or maybe not. Don’t want to overdo it.

So…how do you get an authentic ’90s grunge look? I’ll be honest, I didn’t do any “official” research for this look. What I did was look up “’90s grunge fashion” + “skater fashion”, look up trademark accessories from the ’90s, and then find what I had lying in my room.

For starters, I notice skater fashionistas’ trademark wear is a simple shirt (rock stars brand a plus) and rugged, baggy jeans. Check. Then I put on a rugged vest and dark burgundy lipstick to grunge up the look. Oh, let’s not forget staple accessories of that era. Butterfly clips? Check. Choker? Check. But hey, take my inspiration with a grain of salt. I’m just going by what I remember characters wearing in 90’s TV shows like Danielle Fishel as Topanga from Boy Meets World and Drew Barrymore from “90210.”

I just feel kind of bad right now that I can’t think of any specific 90s movie stars/rockstar celebs because I was never really into the whole ’90s aesthetic. I am aware of the more generic inspos like Winona Ryder and Jennifer Aniston and Melissa Joan Hart, but the rockstars of that time? Forget it! (Wait, Nirvana was totally a thing, right…?) I’m just here to steal fashion inspos…and find an excuse to slather on my newest eyeshadow palette to match the look.