Don’t be fooled. 99% of the time my hair looks flat, even after I wash and volumize it.

Yoo-hoo. Is anyone still here? I’m here to clean out some digital cobwebs…and post another fashion article coming up soon. But first, a quick word from the author.

It’s been a while. I think you know already but here’s the lowdown to explain my sporadic abscences: I’ve turned this little space on this ‘ere Interwebs into an online journal rather than a priority. Out of the list of things I’d commit most of my time to, I couldn’t picture doing that with a fashion blog, especially since I’m no “official” expert in fashion, nor is this the best platform to promote yourself, in my humble opinion. I’m not complaining; I’m just trying to be realistic. I have bigger priorities. Fashion blogging takes the most amount of and time and dedication and the least amount of results…unless you get some plug-ins. And 10 social media platforms to update EVERY DAY (Which I refuse to get because I’m a rather private person). A $100 a year upgrade on your social media account. Photography talents. A blog theme very specific to your niche. Categorizing your content. Thinking about how to categorize everything.

Truth is, I have (mostly) moved on. Onto YouTube, more like. I’ve been dreaming about starting a platform there more than I’ve ever dreamed of opening a fashion blog, primarily because it’s easier for me to learn about features that don’t make your content look so amateurish, and partly because I feel more in control over that platform. WordPress is just…so confusing sometimes. Bleh. And it’s been what, 2.5 years since I began?

So in a nutshell, for now I’ll pop in here just once in a while, to both upload fashion photoshoots as well as update my journey in general photography. And it’s only a matter of time till I can find time for this blog aside from school, work and my other hobbies. I can’t guarantee I’ll be a regular. However, photography has still been on my mind after a year, and I think I found just the book to easy myself into it…!

Oh! And does anyone here know It’s a blog that features not just fashion tips but college students’ street fashion and interviews with them. I’ve always wanted to do something like that on my college campus. Maybe I’ll fit that variant into my blog posts as well. Whether I have the guts is another matter. We’ll see.

Oh yeah! Speaking of work…I got a new job!! Last semester I was an English tutor for the first time at my community college. And now *drumroll* I’m a teacher’s aid in an English class! Also if everything goes right, IN ADDITION, I might even do by-appointment tutoring. Lucrative! Also what I’m really proud of is that I was an amateur journalist for the school magazine last semester, which I immensely enjoyed (even though I’m an English, not an journalism, major). I think it looks good on my resume. 🙂