Hello, fellas!

So, you might have noticed that I don’t post here very often anymore. Come to think of it, you’ve probably been noticing for a while. That’s because fashion/photography became a more recreational hobby. When I have one of those days where I really need to get away from my main points of focus (writing my novel, dancing, reading, education, homework), then a notification from this blog is how you’ll know.

And today was one of those days.

This time I took my own pictures without the usual help of my sister. (Okay, maybe a little help from my sister!) However, I also wanted to practice taking close-ups with a special portrait lens. A 35mm prime lens, I think?

So maybe if you’ve noticed a pattern up above, I got blue eyes!!! I ordered some Solotica lenses from lens.me website for my birthday. The color is Hidrocor Graphite, and it’s my favorite type of shade: a light grayish-blue. They only come in yearly lenses. I only wear them sparingly, maybe a few hours a week, because these things SCRATCH my eyeballs when I wear them too long. I’m thinking I should’ve gone through with a colored lens fitting at the optometrists, buuut when their trial lenses also gave me the same discomfort, I thought I might as well buy online at a lesser price, for less wear time.”

Mom thinks I look like a fish, but personally I’m glad I became the blue-eyed blondie that I’ve always wanted to be! No joke, I loved blue eyes for a long time, and they make me feel so…I dunno. Closer to a version of myself that I’ve always wanted to become.

In fact the transformation kind of gave me Vertigo vibes:

Anyways, let’s get back to the fashion. I assure you you’ll see more blue eyes in future posts.

I thought the yellow flowers would contrast well with all my blue colors.
Stepford wife vibes, anyone??


I’m wearing:

Blouse — Yesstyle

High shorts — Yesstyle

Sandals — Qupid

So, the takeaway? I tried the blue-eyed blondie look for the first time — and went from there. I thought matching my clothes with my eyes was a good start. Then I tried to find contrasting colors like the bright pink lipstick I got from Sephora and the yellow sandals. Then I tried to the find flowers that also contrasted with my look. Well, whatever flowers I could find around my neighborhood. There aren’t much around here.

In a nutshell, just a sweet, simple, girlish look — with some upgrades, of course. Throughout the shoot I couldn’t stop feeling like the shorts, especially were something that I saw Marilyn Monroe wear in a picture. What do you think?