It’s good to be back!

Today my theme is retro-vintage. Retro, because suspenders are so 1970s-80s. Seriously. Ask Annie Hall, Annie Lennox from Eurythmics, skinheads, your token Wall Street bankers, and the nerd culture when Steve Urkel sealed his popularity on the TV show, “Family Matters.” Annnd, here we have vintage, given by my very curly ‘do.

Feast your eyes before I get another haircut next Monday!



I’m wearing:

Blouse – Gloria Vanderbilt

Suspenders – Hot Topic (I know. I’m so edgy)

Shorts – American Eagle

Heels – Unlisted

I think the blue headband clashes well with the dark blue jeans and the black suspenders (pinned with a couple nerd pins). Magenta lipstick and my golden-blonde hair served as a gentle contrast.

Lesson of the day: I should wear suspenders more often — they make me look so spunky! Even when I’m not feeling spunky… *yawn*…why yes, of course I’m doing fine in Critical Thinking and English and my two other courses and an unfinished Youtube video. Why do you ask?!